It’s safe to say that the Cleveland Browns coaching staff is in love with Trent Richardson

We knew that the Cleveland Browns liked Trent Richardson a lot. Heck, they basically traded their draft away to get the man. And though the greatest player to ever put on a Cleveland Browns jersey thinks Richardson is just “ordinary”, the Browns coaching staff couldn’t disagree more. And after what Richardson showed them at last weekend’s rookie mini-camp, the Browns coaching staff beliefs remain unchanged.

What the Browns coaching staff saw left them all in awe. They gushed over Richardson physique and power and they are obviously in love. And just in case you needed to know just how much the Browns are enamored with Richardson, ESPN Cleveland begins with a lead paragraph that says it all.

Trent Richardson is an amazing physical specimen. Only 5-9 ¼, his 228 pounds are distributed high and low. His upper body is thick and wide, his shoulders and neck layered in muscle. His arms are pythons. His lower body is rooted in a pair of calves the size of cantaloupes. The biggest calves I’ve seen on a Cleveland Brown belonged to Frank Minnifield. Richardson’s are larger.

Yep, that’s where this is heading. Put the kids to bed.

“Wow!” coach Pat Shurmur said when asked to comment on Richardson’s physique. “He’s a very powerful man. He’s powerfully built. Don’t let the 5-9 fool you. He’s almost 230 pounds. That’s a lot of muscle packed into that body. I just think he’s got a very powerful build, much like we thought, and it shows up on the field.”

Calm down, Pat.

“I think everybody is amazed (by Richardson’s physique),” said running back coach Gary Brown.

Brown said, “If you’re going to be 5-9, you have to be stacked up pretty good, you have to be able to take the pounding. I think this kid, he is that guy. They did a great job with him at Alabama. He’s put together real well. He works hard in the weight room. He takes pride in being a strong player.”

Yep, love is definitely in the air in Cleveland.

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  1. Hey not to be a kill-joy, but what did Richardson show them? That he can catch a pass when no one is covering him? That he can run through some obstacles and make it look great when no one is chasing him? Come on it was the first rookie camp. What does it mean come game time? Nothing that’s what. Lets hold back all the tears of joy until we at least see the guy take on the NFL in per-season at the very least.

  2. The Real Deal is The Real Deal. We passed on Adrian Petersen. He was The Real Deal Too. Trent will make up for that Browns oversite as long as he stays healthy and injury-free. Bank on it! Hello improved offense!

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