If Mike Woodson wants the Knicks job he reportedly must hire an agent James Dolan doesn’t dislike

When we heard that Mike Woodson and the Knicks were beginning talks about a contract extension, we happily applauded the Knicks for finally doing the right thing. But of course, for everything the Knicks do right, Knicks owner James Dolan has to match it with something wrong.

According to the New York Post, Dolan is all for hiring Woodson, but he wants him to drop his current agent, Joe Glass. All because Glass was Larry Brown’s agent when Brown and Dolan went at it over a contract dispute.

According to multiple sources, Woodson is seeking a new agent at Dolan’s request because of the bad blood still festering from when the Knicks owner went to war with Glass in a Brown contract dispute in 2006.

Woodson has not yet hired a new representative, but he is considering Creative Artists Agency, which represents Carmelo Anthony. The Post reported Wednesday Dolan has told Woodson he wants him back but contract terms still have to be worked out.

When contacted yesterday, Glass told The Post: “I’m going to take the high road on this.’’

When asked repeatedly if he still could be Woodson’s agent down the road, Glass said, “I don’t know.’’

The Glass-Dolan feud escalated when Dolan attempted to void Brown’s 5-year, $50 million contract after one season in 2006 for violating team policies.

Commissioner David Stern was arbitrator for the hearing in which Glass represented Brown. Stern brokered a settlement in which Brown received $18 million of the $40 million left on the deal. Brown earned $28 million total for coaching one season and posting a 23-59 record — a fact that still burns Dolan.

“Forgive and forget” is obviously not something James Dolan lives by.

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