Hecklers yell “you can’t pitch” at deaf little leaguer, deaf little leaguer responds by throwing a perfect game

A deaf little league pitcher named Thomas Colamartino took the mound for the opening game of the season for the Levittown Tigers. Almost from the start, Colamartino was bombarded with heckles from the stands.  But after getting the special signal from one of his coaches, Colamartino turned off his hearing aid and proceeded to throw a perfect game.

It was opening day of the Little League season, and Thomas Colamartino was on the mound for the Levittown Tigers. The pressure was on, and the crowd was not friendly.

“You can’t pitch! You can’t pitch!” hecklers yelled from the stands at Redwing Park in Levittown.
“Light switch!” one of Thomas’ coaches shouted.

It was a cue for Thomas, 11, to turn off his hearing aids, shutting out the barbs that were meant to distract him.
It was a Sunday afternoon, the fourth inning and it would be the last pitch of the game. As he prepared his delivery, Thomas recalled, “I closed my eyes and prayed to God saying, ‘I hope this is a strike.’ ”

It was.

The southpaw had faced 12 batters from Bellmore’s Long Island Storm, and struck out seven of them on the way to a 12-0 win. It was that rarity of rarities in the baseball world — major, minor or youth league — a perfect game.

“Nobody made it to first base in the entire game. No hits, no walks, no runs,” said Mike Cavanagh, one of Thomas’ three coaches.

And that my friend is the best story you’ll read all day.

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