Get ready for the Pete Rose one-man show

Seeing as though Mike Tyson was able to convince someone in Vegas to let him have his own one-man show, guess we shouldn’t be too surprised that Pete Rosa has been able to convince someone in Indiana to let him do the same.

Rose’s show will take place on Friday at the Belterra Casino Resort in Switzerland County, Indiana. And for a mere $25 for mychoice members and $30 for non-members, you can listen to Rose tell stories about his heyday, get quizzed about a myriad of subjects, and you even ask him any question you want.

“It’s me telling stories about how I got started playing ball, the impact my father had on me as an athlete, signing with the Reds and right on through the breaking of the (all-time) hit record,” Rose said Tuesday in a telephone interview.

There will be graphics on a big screen, questions from an on-stage interviewer to maintain the storyline of river rat Pete growing up near Anderson Ferry all the way through breaking Ty Cobb’s hit record on Sept. 11, 1985, and Rose’s forte, taking questions from the audience.

“That’s what keeps it fresh for me,” Rose said. “You never know what people are going to ask. Somebody will ask a question I haven’t heard before and it calls to mind a story and I’m off and running.”

Sounds like a glorious time.

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