Donald Driver compares winning ‘Dancing With The Stars’ to winning a Super Bowl

If you hadn’t heard, or even care, Green Bay Packers wide receiver Donald Driver took home the mirror ball trophy on “Dancing With The Stars” last night. To commemorate his victory, Driver high-stepped, fist-pumped, and rolled around on the ground all on live national television. And if that display of ridiculousness weren’t enough, Driver later went ahead an added to the ridiculousness and compared the victory to winning the Super Bowl.

Oh yes, he went there.

Does it compare to winning last year’s Super Bowl? “I think it does,” [Driver] said. “It’s truly something special. I reached the greatest milestone in my career, and that was winning the Super Bowl. I just made my partner reach her greatest milestone, and now she’s Dancing With the Stars champion.”

Okay. We get it. He was just wrapped up in celebrating the victory. He couldn’t REALLY believe that winning “Dancing With The Stars” is on the same level as winning a Super Bowl.

He was just giving a good quote for people to run with. That’s what we’ll choose to believe.

H/T Shutdown Corner

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