Did the Buccaneers trade Kellen Winslow because Greg Schiano felt he couldn’t control him?

The fact that the Tampa Bay Buccaneers traded a productive tight end like Kellen Winslow Jr. to the Seahawks for a mere 7th round pick had to make you scratch your head.  It just doesn’t make sense for a team that needs as many weapons as they can get to trade a player like Winslow for next to nothing. And to top it off, they replaced him with a older Dallas Clark who is also coming off of injury.

So obviously, something is up here. And if you ask SI’s Peter King, this may have something to do with Greg Schiano’s need to be in complete control over everything that happens with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

Greg Schiano is a control freak. And that’s the major explanation, at least in my mind, for why you trade a productive tight end like Kellen Winslow for something so paltry as a seventh-round draft choice, which the Bucs did Monday in dealing him to Seattle: The new coach doubted he was going to be able to control Winslow.

The Bucs jettisoned Winslow and signed veteran Dallas Clark on Monday, which, obviously, is a calculated risk on their part. Clark, who will be 33 this season, played 48 percent of the Colts’ offensive snaps in the last two seasons because of injuries. Winslow plays this year at 29; he played 82 percent of the Bucs’ snaps in 2010 and ’11. But I think the Bucs chose to go with Clark — at half the price, but also with more of an injury risk — because Clark will be more compliant. You won’t see him jaw with Josh Freeman on the sidelines during games, which Winslow did.

On one hand you could argue that Schiano is just remaking the Bucs with his type of player. But on the other hand, and this is the dangerous part, this could become the pattern for Schiano’s tenure. You really can’t make it in the NFL by jettison players that can help your team because they may not let you have the control you want.

The good coaches have learned this over the years. And if Schiano wants to last in Tampa, he better learn this pretty quickly.

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