Despite Hal Steinbrenner’s denial, NY Daily News presses on with its Yankees sale coverage

NY Daily News isn’t letting denials from Hal Steinbrenner and Randy Levine stop their coverage of a Yankees sale that may never happen. Oh no. They’ve seemingly decided that they’re going all in on this one.

And for anyone that is unsure what going all in looks like in regards to this story, we’ll fill you in.

First, you dispatch Mike Lupica to the scene with a large bull horn to let everyone in the world know that the Yankees are would be crazy to not listen to offers for the franchise.

Here’s a taste of the Lupica bull horning just to wet your palate.

We constantly hear about the value of the Yankees, how there isn’t a sports team anywhere, at least in this country, as valuable. Ultimately, though, bottom line on that, it only matters if you sell. And if the Dodgers can sell for $2 billion, what are Steinbrenner’s Yankees worth once people start fighting over them?
So why wouldn’t they at least think about it?

The Yankees should sell because they can make a ton of money. We get it, Mike. Let’s move on.

Now that Lupica has said his piece, what’s next? Oh, lining up potential buyers for the franchise. Makes perfect sense.

Marquis Jet founder’s group would include Steven Starker, co-founder of the global trading firm BTIG; Doug Ellin, the creator of HBO’s “Entourage” and Brian Perkins, a former Johnson & Johnson executive. “The Yankees are a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. I don’t know anything official, but if the Yankees are in play, we would want to look at that asset,” said Dichter, who was part of a consortium that tried to buy a minority stake in the Mets last year.

Yes, the Daily News is already asking potential buyers for quotes about a franchise that isn’t officially for sale.

Can’t wait until tomorrow when the Daily News unveils contracts that they drew up for the sale of the franchise.

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