Despite a Rangers loss in game 6, early edition of the New York Post celebrates Rangers victory

Early risers in New York that got their hands on the early edition of the New York Post this morning were treated to quite a surprise. If they didn’t catch the final score of the Rangers-Capitals game, they got the pleasant surprise of reading that the Rangers had advanced to Eastern Conference Finals. And if they did catch the final score, they got the pleasant surprise of reading that the New York Post got the outcome totally wrong.

Page 76 of the early Thursday edition of the tabloid is riddled with curious generalities, including a headline that reads, “A Cap on the season?” with the sub-headline “Loss in Game 6 sends D.C. home for summer.”

The article, penned by Post writer Tim Bontemps, is actually a reworked preview of Game 6, which possibly suggests that the result of Wednesday’s game was not in when the paper went to press.

However, the paper’s errors go even deeper, as the caption below a photo of the Rangers celebrating their Game 5 overtime victory declares that it was taken after the Rangers won Game 6.

And yes, there are still people on this planet that get their news from newspapers. We don’t know why they do, but they do.

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