Bobby Valentine finally cracked last night

Bobby Valentine has been able to keep his composure during the early season struggles. He was able to keep his composure while Curt Schilling was telling anyone that would listen that he’s not working out in Boston. And he was also able to keep his composure while being booed by the hometown crowd. But last night, he finally lost that composure and went on an expletive filled rant after the Red Sox’s 4-3 loss to the Royals.

Valentine was steaming about home plate umpire Jim Nelson’s ruling that Marlon Byrd didn’t pull back his bat in time to avoid being hit by a pitch in a bunt attempt in the ninth inning. That decision by Nelson took away a chance to have the bases loaded with no outs. And Valentine didn’t like it one bit.

“Guys battled their butts off,” Valentine said. “That’s a damn shame. (Expletive) umpire can’t make a right call and get help? It’s a damn shame is what it is. Be stubborn. It’s not his job to call the play. Just get help. If they can’t get it right, they should ask for help. Why the (expletive) is it so hard to ask for help at the end of the game when they could do it at the beginning of the game?”

“(Nelson) refused to ask for help,” Valentine said. “He refused to ask for help.”

Something tells us that this is far from the last time we’ll get to see Bobby Valentine meltdown after yet another loss.

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  1. Bobby busts a gasket under the pressure of being a serial loser. The real question is when the BIG meltdown occurs.

  2. BobSakamano says:

    No mention here that Bobby was actually right? I watched it today on ESPN. It was a clear blown call which he easily could have asked the 1st base ump for help with. I understand that this author isn’t a real journalist but I assume he has at least his GED. Should be enough to throw a couple facts in there…

  3. I believe the meltdown has begun and the clubhouse is still in termoil.

  4. Catch'n Release says:

    Another opportunity for jealous guys to smear Valentine – get-a-life! This blu desperately needs to take a Continuing Education of BB Rules for Arrogant, Misplaced People! And, the article is slanted, a waste of time, and severely lousy !

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