Barry Bonds wants to rejoin the San Francisco Giants as a coach

Since retiring in 2007, Barry Bonds has stayed away from the San Francisco Giants. We’re not sure if that was Barry’s doing or the organization’s, but the fact remains that the two have seemingly kept each other at a distance.

But now Bonds and maybe even the Giants organization may be ready to change that.

According to the San Jose Mercury News, Bonds wants to return to the Giants as a coach. And he’s already had discussions with the organization about such a role.

At peace with a legal process that left him, in his words, “a convicted felon,” all-time home run leader Barry Bonds is eager to start a new chapter in his life. Bonds wants a hands-on role coaching Giants players and said he is in talks with upper management about returning to the organization.

“My expertise is baseball. That’s the only role I can have,” said Bonds, now 47. He said he has spoken with Giants CEO Larry Baer, but nothing is definite or even imminent. “If you believe that I can contribute and help the organization, then fine. If you don’t, I still love you,” Bonds said.

Bonds also went on to say that the his locker room persona that rubbed so many people the wrong way was just that, a persona.

“I created that guy out there for entertainment only. Whether you hated me or liked me, you were there. And I only wanted you there,” Bonds said. “I just wanted you to see the show. That was it. All I ever wanted was for people to have a good time and enjoy it.”

It would be good to see Bonds back in baseball. No matter what you think about the guy, he definitely knows his way around the diamond.

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