The end is nigh for the NFL Pro Bowl

We don’t watch the Pro Bowl. You don’t watch the Pro Bowl. And the players obviously don’t want to REALLY play in it. So it only makes sense for the NFL to do away with.

While Roger Goodell, who also isn’t pleased with the current Pro Bowl, isn’t ready to stick a fork in it just yet. But according to ESPN’s Chris Mortensen, he may be ready to at least suspend this year’s game.

After 2013? That’s a whole  different story.

The next Pro Bowl is scheduled the week before the Super Bowl in New Orleans on Feb. 3, but a game site has not been listed because of its precarious status, sources added.

Sources say that NFL commissioner Roger Goodell, who has previously voiced his displeasure with the lack of competitiveness in recent Pro Bowl games, is strongly considering suspending this year’s game, sources say.
Beyond 2013, another league source believes the Pro Bowl is “DOA (dead on arrival).”

If the game is suspended, the league still would have a Pro Bowl balloting process to identify the season’s top players and would direct teams to negotiate Pro Bowl clauses into player contracts and to honor Pro Bowl incentive clauses to avoid any serious conflict with the players association. Those players also likely would be honored in some fashion during Super Bowl week.

This a move that should have been made years ago. All Star games are nice and all, but there really isn’t a need for one in the NFL.
And since no one was watching anyhow, might as well can it.

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  1. hey goodell do not cancell the pro bowl all u have to do is go back to having it after the super bowl i have been to it 3 times and every time we have had a blast players the locals i know the players love it if its not broken dont try to fix it dont be greedy and think the people that live and work on he iland so wake up and put the pro bowl back were it was when u became the commish wake up listen to the people that pay your paycheck unless u forgot thats me and everybody that go to all the games if u need to talk to me there is my email at the top dont piss off the people off the ilands u will not do well if u do u will be cursed and have bad luck the rest of your life i hope u read this but i doubt it casue u look at this as i am a nobody thats fine i hope u have a good day warren

  2. Jeri Garfinkel says:

    Why not have Pro Bowl games in London?

  3. Redsjeri says:

    Then my RAMS will play home games @ HOME!

  4. It should be done away with. It is supposed to be a showcase for the best players of the season, but the way the defenses play the defensive players end up looking like amateurs. They give up huge yardage in the passing game as well as points and the quarterbacks are treated like they are breakable. The players have fun and make a nice chunk of money for being there but the actual play itself leaves a lot to be desired, especially on the defensive side.

  5. Goodell wonders why play has been lacking and nobody really watches it, it’s because it’s boring, and it’s held at the absolute stupidest time of the season. Whose bright idea was it to move it to the week before the Superbowl? What if a Pro bowl player’s team makes it to the Superbowl, do you think he’s going to risk getting hurt playing in the Probowl? Plus, all the other sports All Star games have more events for the fans. The NFL could do way better in this department.

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