The death threats toward Arkansas AD Jeff Long have arrived

The moment that Jeff Long announced that he had fired Bobby Petrino, you knew the crazies would come out of the wood work. Now you hoped because Petrino basically did this to himself that the crazies would not react so crazily about Long’s decision.

But alas, they are indeed acting how crazies act and have began posting idle death threats on various social media outlets. Now, there hasn’t been a report of a threat personally to Long himself, but you just can’t put anything past crazy folks.

Since Monday night’s announcement of Coach Bobby Petrino’s firing, possible death threats have been directed toward Jeff Long.

University of Arkansas Police say they were already planning on heightening security, especially around the athletic facilities, after Long’s announcement.

After learning about the online chatter of possible death threats, we even received posts on our own Facebook page stating, “Riots are in session” and “Jeff Long wear ur vest.”

“There are some posts on social media outlets that are not, while not directly threatening, they do cause us to be looking for that type of thing,” said Lieutenant Gary Crain with UAPD.

Just settle down Hog fans. Everything will be okay.

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  1. Michael Labat says:

    A lot of hog fans showed how classless they were after their football team got beat by LSU. Being fans of Pertrino could you expect anything less. It’s ashame that, like in any schools case, that a few ruin it for all. The hogs will be fine.
    Roll Tide.

  2. Ark. should do everything they can to bring back Lou Holtz!!!!!

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