Terrell Owens: Tony Romo ‘had a hand’ in me not being in Dallas anymore

We hadn’t heard much from Terrell Owens lately which is a good thing. Not only for us, but also for his sake. Owens is still holding out hoping that he can make a return to the NFL and no longer have to play football in fear of getting knocked over a wall. So just as teams gear up for OTA’s and are beginning to take a look at possible free agents to bring to camp, Owens jumped on KESN-FM 103.3 in Dallas and proceeded to do what Terrell Owens does. This in layman’s terms means he basically blames a former teammate for anything and everything that went wrong.

This particular edition revolves around Tony Romo and Owens’ belief that Romo “had a hand” in the Cowboys kicking Owens to the curb.

At first, Terrell Owens didn’t want to discuss Cowboys quarterback Tony Romo during a Friday radio interview.

However, after a little encouragement, the former Cowboys wide receiver revealed that Romo was part of the reason his time in Dallas ended after three seasons.

“With that situation, dude, I’ve kind of lost my respect for that situation,” Owens told The Ben and Skin Show [KESN-FM] 103.3 in Dallas. “Man, that’s a guy I shed tears for, I went to bat for. Then obviously, ultimately I’m not in Dallas anymore and I know he definitely had a hand in that. So, again, it’s one of those things that you just kind of have to bite your tongue and keep moving on, you know what I mean?”

From there T.O. begins to explain that he wasn’t the only person complaining about Romo’s penchant to target Jason Witten. But as usual, he was the most vocal about it.

“It wasn’t just me,” Owens said. “I was just a voice. Sometimes I said things that a lot of people thought. I just happened to be one of those guys that really voiced their opinion. I wasn’t the only one that felt that way. There were games where other guys were open. I wasn’t saying that to get the ball thrown to me a lot more times. I was all about winning. During the course of the games, if you watch the film, there were other guys that were open that didn’t get the ball. That was my thing.

“I think that’s what’s really misconstrued is that my passion and things that I say can be viewed that I’m being selfish and it’s all about me, but my goal has always been about winning a championship, and I think if you really ask my teammates that, they’ll really convey that and they’ll tell you honestly that’s what I’m about.”

T.O. just needs to lay low. As long as he continues to talk noise about former teammates, NFL teams will continue to keep him at arm’s length.

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