Rutgers wide receiver Mohamed Sanu gets call that Bengals are drafting him, Bengals don’t draft him

File this one away in the “that aint right” category.

Rutgers wider receiver Mohamed Sanu was enjoying family and friends at his draft party last night when the phone rang. Sanu took the call and immediately got excited because the person on the phone informed him that they were from the Cincinnati Bengals and they were about to draft him.

Predictably, the draft party goes wild as they all anticipate hearing Sanu’s name called on the television. But unfortunately, the person who called wasn’t really from the Bengals and Sanu’s name wasn’t called.

The Rutgers wide receiver was on the edge of his seat late in the first round, with the Bengals on the clock at No. 27, when his phone rang. The voice on the other end of the phone identified himself as being from the Bengals, and said Cincinnati was about to pick him. Sanu and those in his draft party exploded in excitement, and agent Mike McCartney even tweeted that Sanu was a Bengal. Then Cincinnati picked Zeitler.

“This is a great kid, I guarantee you, and someone played a cruel joke on him,” McCartney said. “It is unreal that someone would do that, but it happened.” Sanu told McCartney after the draft not to worry about him, he’d be fine, and some team will draft him and get a good player. McCartney’s right. Sanu must be a good kid, to respond to something that hurtful with an attitude so hopeful.

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