Phoenix Suns Gorilla kicks Heat fan, Heat fan punches Phoenix Suns Gorilla in the face

Certainly we need something much more lighthearted after that last post and this will certainly do the trick.

The Phoenix Suns Gorilla was doing an event at a local Dave & Busters when he attempted to high five a man by the name of Timothy Austin. Austin refused to high five the mascot strictly because he’s a Miami Heat fan.

Which totally makes sense, right? No? Okay, you’re right.

After being snubbed, the mascot “playfully” kicked Austin. To which Austin responded by punching the mascot in the face.

Which totally makes sense, right? No? Okay, you’re right again.

It started just before 6:30p.m., police said. The Suns Gorilla at the event, Robert Woolf, who is not the same Suns Gorilla who performs at games, was at Dave & Buster’s with other Suns employees, police said. Woolf attempted to high-five Timothy Austin, who refused to participate because he is a Miami Heat fan, police said.

The gorilla, acting in a way he described as “playful,” kicked Austin. Austin then threw the punch, and police were called, officials said.

“After explaining that both subjects could be charged with assault and arrested, they both agreed not to press charges,” according to the police report.

Is it really THAT serious, bruh?

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