Of course Andray Blatche is throwing a ‘Grand Finale’ party

It shouldn’t surprise you that Andray Blatche is throwing a “Grand Finale” party after the Wizard’s season finale on Thursday. A game that he won’t be playing in might we add.

This man has challenged his Twitter followers to a fight, hosted “Lapdance Tuesday, wore Uggs, and whined openly about being booed. So there is just no way that this man would ever pass an opportunity to celebrate the ending of a horrible season that he couldn’t even finish out.

Oh no. This is certainly par for the course for Andray Blatche.

H/T DC Sports Bog

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  1. Of course he’s throwing a Grand Finale Party. He knows this season was his grand finale in DC, and given his attitude issues and lack of stats, possibly his last in the league. I was with him as a rookie, prayed for him after the gunshot, waited for him to grow up and was sadly disappointed. Dray, you got your money, you got your shot, now have your farewell party and get the hell off the Wizard’s bench: you’re wasting a seat!

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