Minor league team couldn’t find one fan who could throw harder than Jamie Moyer

Jamie Moyer, the oldest man ever to win a MLB game, is 49 years old. Jamie Moyer’s fastball tops out at 78-mph so of course former high school pitchers everywhere think they can easily surpass that.

So the minor league Fort Myers Miracle put on a little promotion to see if anyone could beat Moyer’s 78-mph fastball and if they did, they would get a free ticket to an upcoming game.

Over 85 fans took part, but not one of them could throw harder than Moyer, despite believing that they could.

“I’m a big fan of Jamie Moyer. It’s an incredible feat, but people were sitting around going, ‘Gosh, he’s only throwing 78 mph,’ ” said Gary Sharp, the Miracle’s director of media relations and promotions. “I think some people look at the majors and they see guys throwing 90 and above, and they think 78 is super slow. But not a lot of people can throw 78 if they’re not baseball players.”

In fact, none of the roughly 85 fans who attempted the feat for $1 per three throws could equal Moyer’s 78 mph. Sharp said the closest anyone got was a fan in his mid-20s who spent around $50 trying to beat the mark but topped out at 76 mph.

“He kept trying over and over and over, and that’s as high as he could get,” Sharp said. “He got more and more frustrated because his buddies that were with him were heckling him pretty good that he couldn’t throw harder than a 49-year-old man.”

$50 at minor league game and all he got to leave with is the shame that he couldn’t throw harder than someone that is old enough to be his father.

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