Mets offering free tickets to anyone who wants to sit through today’s opener

Earlier this week told you about the “several thousand” tickets that were still remaining for Opening Day. Well, Opening Day is here and apparently there is still a sizable amount of tickets left to be sold.

With the fear and embarrassment of not being able to sellout their Opening Day game for the first time since 1997, the Mets have gotten desperate. So desperate that they’re offering a free ticket for Saturday’s or Sunday’s game for every ticket that you buy for today’s game.

The Mets are so terrified by the embarrassing prospect of playing to empty seats at today’s opener, they’ve made an Amazin’ “buy one get one free” pitch.

Some 15,000 of their fans have been offered one free seat for Saturday’s or Sunday’s Atlanta game in exchange for every ticket they buy for today’s opener.

Plenty of the 41,880 seats for this afternoon’s game at Citi Field against the Braves were still available early today.

The team made its double-play offer in emails last week.

The Mets sent more emails yesterday, cutting ticket prices to today’s game by between $4 and $22, depending on the seat.

Why do we have the feeling that a “buy one get one free” special still won’t be enough to sellout today’s opener?

Oh, because it won’t be.

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