Meanwhile at South Carolina’s spring game, a man is delighting tailgaters with his chicken clucking

Not sure how we can set this up, so we’ll just get straight to the point.

What you’re about to see is a man on a microphone harmoniously making clucking sounds at South Carolina’s spring game.  And if that isn’t disturbing enough, there are onlookers that apparently approve of the performance and give the man a hearty round of applause.

Although what we’ve just told you sounds utterly ridiculous, we must say that you still need to take a moment to take this in.

It’s that ridiculous.

H/T EDSBS via @heathradio

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  1. Ready your body, let the war cry be heard on the steppes and bring down woes!!Maybe haiku was creeatd to bring forth raw Nature, I do not know.But in your wonderful creation you give birth to the natural cry of Freedom!Great work, dude!!

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