Larry Brown felt Michael Jordan had ‘spies’ during his time with the Charlotte Bobcats

New SMU coach Larry Brown joined The Dan Patrick Show earlier today and spoke on a multitude of topics.  Things start off as expected with discussion on how the game has changed and how long he plans to be at SMU.

But when the discussion turns to his time as the Charlotte Bobcats head coach, Brown had strong comments about his former boss and his “hero”, Michael Jordan.

“When your hero fires you . . . I just couldn’t believe it . . . I love the guy. I think he’s brilliant, but I think he’s around people who don’t have a clue.”

Addressing the lack of direct communication with Jordan, Brown said: “It was almost like there were spies wondering what you were doing and getting back to him.”

Brown added there was a disconnect to Jordan and said, “A coach, a GM and a president all have to be attached at the hip.”

Brown, whose team started 9-19 in 2010, added that, “I haven’t spoken to him since.”

“He has people around him who just made me sick,” said Brown. Continuing that thought, he said, “When I talked to him about players, he’s right on point. But he has all these people who will get in the way.”

The entire interview is really insightful. Take moment and give it a listen.

H/T Game On!

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  1. Its clear M.J doesnt have a Clue when it comes to Owning or Running an N.B.A Team. Brown is anf Ex Player, Coach, and Basketball lifer……..I belive him!!!! Something is definitely Wrong, and Time will tell.

  2. sheba turner says:

    michael was a wonderful, entertaining ball player.

    not a role model, or anything other than a terrific basketball player.

    why are we not surprised that he can’t operate as a professional, they guy had the league in the palm of his hands

    players on his very team found him to be a diva

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