Knicks reportedly held off announcing Jeremy Lin’s injury to sell playoff tickets

The news of Jeremy Lin’s season ending injury was definitely bad news for the Knicks and Knicks fans. Not only was it bad news on the court, but off the court as well. So when the Knicks were faced with the choice to reveal this bad news to Knicks fans before or after the NBA playoff ticket deadline passed, they opted for the latter.

The Knicks were eventually going to get around to revealing the troubling results of Jeremy Lin’s MRI but certainly not before last Wednesday.

That was a crucial day inside the club’s executive offices at Two Penn Plaza because March 28 represented the deadline for season- ticket holders to purchase all four rounds of the playoffs.

In fact, in the email sent to subscribers, there is a picture of Lin leaping in celebration. Yet, it was two days before the deadline when Lin and the Knicks’ medical staff learned that the second-year point guard/cash cow was suffering from a torn meniscus in his left knee and that he wouldn’t be jumping for joy anytime soon.

Although Lin waited until Saturday before formally making the decision to have surgery, it certainly made business sense for the organization to withhold medical information about its marquee attraction. But that doesn’t explain why the Knicks, who are 2½ games ahead of Milwaukee for the eighth and final playoff spot with 13 games left, weren’t forthcoming about Lin’s condition after Wednesday’s postseason ticket deadline passed.

Nor does it explain why the Knicks contradicted interim head coach Mike Woodson, who first raised the possibility of Lin’s “sore” knee injury being serious enough to keep the Knicks’ starting point guard sidelined for the remainder of the regular season.

It’s not every day that an organization goes out of its way to refute something its head coach says — when in fact Woodson was simply being truthful. On Friday in Atlanta, Woodson told reporters that he didn’t know “when” or “if” Lin would return to the lineup. Within one hour, the Knicks’ media relations staff released a statement to select media outlets contradicting Woodson.

We can’t really blame the Knicks for the decision. After all, the NBA is a business and they are just trying to ride that Linsanity train until the wheels fall off.

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  1. knickfan212 says:

    No doubt they knew all along but they could’ve let the coach know.
    They would’ve sold out anyway,Lin or no LIN.

  2. I think you meant March, not May, Alex. just FYI. Bummed that you couldn’t go futhrer with the Tee, but glad to see you making an impact in everything you do.

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