Knicks will reportedly offer Phil Jackson big money if they don’t advance in the playoffs

We’ve heard who Carmelo Anthony feels should be the coach next season. But of course, James Dolan most likely does not care about any of that.

And there are two sentences tucked away at the end of Gery Woelful‘s “BUCKS BEAT” column on The Journal Time’s website under the heading of RUMOR OF WEEK, that are pretty indicative of Dolan not caring about any of that.

Here are those two sentences:

If the New York Knicks don’t advance beyond the first round of the playoffs, I’m hearing they’ll make a major — repeat, major — push to lure legendary coach Phil Jackson out of retirement.

With money being no object, the scuttlebutt is the Knicks brass may offer the “Zen Master” a four-year, $50 million deal.

Yep, $10 million+ a year.

It sounds crazy, but you really can’t put much past James Dolan now can you?

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  1. It’s a $50 million offer over 4 years. The writer says that’s $10 million+ a year??? I suppose it is +……but it’s $12.5 million a year! A big difference!

  2. This really is a no-brainer. The Knicks need a winning attitude, and that is reflected in leadership which Phil Jackson certainly has. Not only does he bring instant credibility, but he brings and demands the respect of his players. He also has 8 rings, as if that isn’t enough. For all the Knicks fans who want to retain the “Status Quo,” they are mistaken, this year the Knicks underachieved. Even though they have made the playoffs, they barely did, and there is too much talent on this team to be a mediocre playoff pretender. I would surmise that even if they get past the first round, they still need to make the wholesale changes on the staff. Lets not be fooled again with this on and off team. They need a swift Zen Master Kick in the Butt and a mind shift if they are to win anything other than a round or two of the playoffs. Give Phil the Helm, and lets see if we don’t win not only a playoff series, but the whole enchilada.

    Knicks Fan since 1960

    • I have been a fan since the 1960’s and still remember when Willis Reed limped out onto the Garden floor……..
      Return to the present, since the Coaching change, I still see a team that does not know how to close it out, how they lose focus, how they give up big leads as of they have just enough to pull it out………It makes no sense to me that they as consistent at being inconsistent and I believe that this reflects directly on coaching….You can not be ruled by the players………The coach is the motivator and the disciplinary……..He can not be the players best friend….And this I don’t see in Woodson.

    • Hey brain dead Knick fan!!! Phil has a total of count them; he won 6 with the bulls and 5 with the lakers. You then count 2 he won as a player for a total of = 13. Wow Do the math next first.

  3. with Phil, Carmelo, and Lin, I’ll start rooting for NY again!

  4. Robert Davis says:

    I doubt Phil would take this job without having power in personnel decisions. The Knicks’ brass are morons and PJ knows it. They have a poorly thought-out roster and getting an elite head coach won’t fix it. When you have one rebounder, one defender, one passer, and one shooter, you’re in trouble.

  5. Phil had Kobe and Jordan. While I like Jackson’s style, I believe James Dolan (or Elmer Fudd) could have won a championsip if he had those caliber of players in their prime. I believe the Knicks already have a good coach in Woodson; they seem to be responding to him. I honestly believe that once the Knicks are 100% healthy they will be successful, no matter who the coach (as long as it’s not Isiah or Jordan). However, as a Knicks fan, my patience has run thin. If the Knicks don’t do well in the playoffs (and by well, I mean compete – not necessarily advance – I just don’t think they’re healthy enough this year), perhaps I’ll welcome the idea of bringing in Mr. Jackson – However $12.5 mil per year is too much (You would think that some of these dumb/spoiled brat owers would have learned something from the movie Moneyball).

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