Jordan Hill charged with felony assault for allegedly choking a family member

This report couldn’t come at a worse time for Jordan Hill. The playoffs have just begun and Hill is actually getting minutes for the Lakers.

But nonetheless, according to TMZ, Hill has been charged with felony assault stemming from an altercation with a family member that took place on February 29th.

Los Angeles Lakers big man Jordan Hill has just been charged with felony assault for allegedly choking a family member during an altercation in Texas earlier this year … TMZ has learned.

The charge was filed by the Harris County District Attorney in Houston. It’s unclear whom Hill is accused of attacking.

The alleged incident took place on February 29. If convicted, Hill faces up to 10 years in prison.

UPDATE: Hill is accused of choking his girlfriend Darlene Luna. Here is the police report.

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  1. Bill Anderson says:

    Timing sucks, was this the plan to ruin his career also.

    • gregorystylessr says:

      gregorystyles, i would to know why it took so long,i say because someone just got jelous of him,just like the job i had before my so call sweetheart lady took it away with an accasation on one morning last day of training that day afther got arrested here in Florida .But from 2-2012 until now 05/01/2012 it took that for some one to make up their mind looks funny!

  2. Nothing new here. Moving on.

  3. basketball fan in arizona says:

    I think Rondo should miss more games than Metta World Piece because he actually assulted an official i think that is worse than a slap in the face of Harden,Harden is just another player an official is like an assult on a police officer.

    • David Brown says:

      One game is fair enough for Rondo. It appears you didn’t see the Artest play since you say it is a slap on Harden’s face. Artest should have been suspended for at least 15 games having delivered that brutal and savage elbow with all the intention in the world to injure Harden. Then again what can one expect from a lunatic and brainless basketball player in Artest. On the other hand Rondo merely bumps the ref and although it is not acceptable, it doesn’t merit anything extreme. Also a ref and a police officer are completely different things, a lot more people will be going to jail if every little bump on an officer were consider an assault, that would be utterly stupid just like YOU!!!!

    • You’re obviously a dumbass @basketball fan in arizona

  4. Did Houston know about this before the trade? Did L.A. know about this before the trade??

  5. Assault is an attempt..
    choking is something that happens with food. Look into it…
    Poor title…

  6. #laker haters sit down says:

    Your all idiots. Artest was bumped by harden and his reaction was simply bumping back with an elbow to the cranium.Rondo tripped on the officials shoe, watch it again. Either story has nothing to do with Hill allegedly assaulting his lady. One things for sure is that this is nothing compared to the drama they faced last post season.

  7. The article says felony assault. Felony assault does not exist in the State of California. There is no such crime as felony assault. The media just makes this this stuff up. Assault is an unsuccessful attempt at battery. Like a swing and a miss. A miss cannot be a felony since the battery would not have occurred. Why do reporters think they are cops?

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