Joe Hummel, the man leading the Saints bounty probe, has reportedly resigned

Here’s some news that Saints fans and conspiracy theorists will eat up.

According to Pro Football Talk, Joe Hummel, aka the man leading the Saints bounty probe, has turned in his resignation letter. Why Hummel is choosing to resign is unclear, so that means speculation will run rampant.

Per multiple league sources, NFL director of investigations Joe Hummel has submitted a letter of resignation.

Hummel has been running the Saints bounty investigation. He plans to remain on the job until the end of May. It’s unclear whether he’ll continue to work on the bounty case, or when he last had an active role in the investigation.

Speculation obviously will arise regarding any potential connection between the resignation and the bounty probe, especially since the process of implementing discipline on the players has been delayed without any explanation. Discipline was announced against non-players and against the Saints on March 21.

Interesting. This is something we’ll definitely keep an eye on.

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  1. Chris Guidry says:

    The Saints are dirty players and the rest of the leauge is innocent of such behavior…….

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