Jets cheerleader audition turns into a Tim Tebow love fest

Mark Sanchez is slowly but surely becoming old news in New York. We’ve already wondered aloud which week Sanchez would lose the starting job to Tim Tebow and now Jets cheerleader wannabes are choosing Tebow over Sanchez.

About 300 women showed up for auditions for the Jets Flight Crew yesterday for the chance to not only make the 40 woman squad, but for some, to confess their love for Tim Tebow.

When grilled by The Post about their quarterback preferences, the pompon-waving women agreed Mark Sanchez makes them swoon — but that Bible-thumping newcomer Tim Tebow is true marriage material.

“He doesn’t know it yet, but Tebow’s my future husband,” said tryout temptress Nicole Carner, 23.

“I’m a Tebow fan all the way!” said Alicia Green, 23, who dropped to one knee and posed like the QB. “Yeah, he’s hot, and isn’t he a virgin still? That’s hot!”

Now that the ladies are turning on Sanchez, it is indeed the beginning of the end.

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