If you’re interested, there are ‘several thousand’ tickets left for the Mets’ Opening Day game

Here we are three days until the Mets’ Opening Day game against the Braves and the Mets have yet to sellout the game. And we’re not talking a couple hundred tickets or even a thousand tickets.

Oh no. We’re talking “several thousand” tickets.

But have no fear. In typical Mets fashion, they believe that they have a chance to sell those remaining “several thousand” tickets just in time for Thursday’s game.

Which definitely doesn’t make a bit of sense to us.

According to the team’s executive vice president of business operations, Dave Howard, “several thousand” tickets are still available for Opening Day against the Braves.

But Howard said the Mets remain bullish they can fill their 41,800-seat ballpark as they celebrate the 50th anniversary of their first opener.

“I think we have got a chance,” Howard said yesterday. “Tickets have been selling well, and since Johan [Santana] was announced as our starting pitcher it has given us a surge of energy. We have a shot at selling out. If not, we’ll be close to it.”

So what type of fan turn out is needed to have a shot at selling out?

Don’t laugh…..

For the Mets to get their sellout, Howard indicated solid sales would be needed over the next two days coupled with a Thursday walkup of anywhere from 2,000 to 4,000 fans.

Guess we just have to believe that thousands of Mets fans are just waiting for Thursday to bum rush the ticket counters.

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