Georgia signee finds Gene Chizik’s recruiting tactics hard to take seriously

Georgia signee Jordan Jenkins was one of the top defensive end prospects in the last recruiting cycle. Ultimately Jenkins would end up signing with the Georgia Bulldogs but decided to shed some light on his recruitment.

When his discussion with the AJC turned to Auburn’s recruitment of him, Jenkins had many interesting things to say. Of course, you knew Jenkins would say that Chizik negatively recruited Alabama but the interesting comments came when discussing Florida coach Will Muschamp.

Lets’s just say Jenkins was more than amused at what Chizik had to say.

“When coach Gene Chizik was comparing Auburn and Alabama, he put up a slide that showed they had more wins, more this and that … then he started talking about Florida and how Will Muschamp follows in his shoes. I started busting out laughing. He said ‘When I was at Auburn the first time [as an assistant] and after I left, Muschamp came here. Then I was at Texas and after I left, Muschamp came there.’ He went on and on. He said ‘Muschamp just follows in my footsteps’ and it was hilarious the way he said it.”

Looks like we all found out something new today. I never knew that Muschamp looked up to Chizik and wanted to follow in his footsteps. I’m interested to see what the Gator fans have to say about this.

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  1. This could have been somewhat taken out of context.

    He never really said anything other than he found Chizic humorous in his mannerism’s which.
    It is very possible that he was being very critical but this article does not give enough information.

    I am a Tide fan by the way.

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