Forget being a top five quarterback, Joe Flacco believes he’s the best quarterback in the league

Joe Flacco is knee deep in contract negations with the Baltimore Ravens so he and his agent are busy trying to convince you and the Ravens that Flacco is deserving of a substantial contract.

The madness began when Flacco’s agent, Joe Linta decided to fix his mouth and utter “Joe Flacco” and “top five quarterback” in the same sentence.

We all laughed and disregarded the comment as just an agent trying to get the most money for his quarterback. Because there was just no way that Linta or even Flacco believed that Flacco was really a top five quarterback.

But alas, we were wrong.

So wrong that not only does Joe Flacco believe he’s a top five quarterback, he believes that he’s the best quarterback in the league. And said as much in an interview with WNST in Baltimore.

On if he believes he’s a top-five quarterback, as his agent stated he was earlier this offseason:

“Without a doubt. What do you expect me to say? … I assume everybody thinks they’re a top-five quarterback. I mean, I think I’m the best. I don’t think I’m top five, I think I’m the best. I don’t think I’d be very successful at my job if I didn’t feel that way. I mean, c’mon? That’s not really too tough of a question. But that doesn’t mean that things are gonna work out that way. It just means that that’s the way it is, that’s the way I feel it is, and that’s the way I feel it should be.”

We know what you’re trying to say, Joe. We also know that you shouldn’t being saying it, Joe.

So please, Joe. We beg you. Stop this madness.

You’re not a top five quarterback. It’s okay.

You’re still pretty good.

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  1. Joe you are too funny. Not only are you NOT the #1 QB in the NFL, you are NOT in the top five either. You have zero rings so that automatically places you out of top five. You choke under pass rush or big games (see the last two defeats to Steelers in AFC title game in 2008 and Divisional round in 2011) You don’t ever lead the team and if wasn’t for the Ravens stout defense you would NOT even be a “winning” QB. There are at least ten QB’s I would take over Flacco right now. Here are my top five:
    1) Tom Brady (only because Manning was hurt last season) 3 SB rings
    2) Peyton Manning- his overall record speaks volumes and his leadership is stellar (look at how awful Colts were without Manning last season) 1 SB ring
    3) Drew Brees- set new single season record for QB’s last season 1 SB ring
    4) Ben Roethlisberger-2 SB rings and if ONLY he played on a team with a good O line. The best QB in 4th qtr period. If he played behind Saints line he would easily beat Brees passing record. A bigger, much stronger, Brett Favre without all of the bad INTS.
    5) Eli Manning- 2 SB rings vs. Brady and Pats is all you need to know. 2nd best QB in 4th Qtr. and the Pats killer. Very impressive season last year and he carried G-men to SB on his back…

    • your right all hes done is the playoffs everyyear hes been there and a missed field goal and a dropped pass kept him out of last yrs superbowl. and i do believe the steelers also have a really good d. and the giants arnt slaccking on the defensive side either but ur right hes horrable.

    • Joe Flaco says:

      Looky here doubters, I am the best……just ask my mommy! She tells me that before, AND AFTER Every interception….er….fumble….I meant incompletion…, I mean when you throw the ball and your guy catches it and runs that way and someone blows a whistle and raises his hands and people say nice things to me like,”You’re the best Joe!”

      • The REAL JOE FLACCO says:

        To all you doubters, detractors, dissers, descentors and demeanors: I guarantee a Superbowl victory this coming season. I need no ones help and will play by myself if neccessary. You will know who truly is the best NFL Q.B. after my 1st game or even sooner. I am your NFL God and you WILL bow down and worship me or I will smite thee with great vengeance! When Tebow takes a knee, he’s praying to me.

      • Drlingkos says:

        HA! HA! HA! now thats funny, Joe is a DUMB ASS!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • deez nutz says:

      that wasnt even necessary. though he isnt the best, he is in the top 5 of active quaterbacks in the leauge. and if you read his statement he never claims to be the best he only feels that way, just like any and all quaterbacks should. whoever wrote this article is a douche and is trying to portriat joe in a bad light.

    • omdcottle says:

      On any given Sunday is still the benchmark of the NFL.

      • agree with jamieg…drop eli manning out of the top five…Jints defense won both SB games…

        • Steve Kay says:

          Oh yes, let’s drop Eli out of the top 5 because the defense won both of those games. If you had a half a brain and did your History, you would realize that DEFENSE wins almost all of the Super Bowls, Period! Eli just happened to take his team on the last two drives in those games and won both. This is what great quaterbacks do, or have you not been watching the games!

    • jamieg101 says:

      Eli is NOT a top 5 QB. They won on Defense, and thats the only way they can win. You need to rethink ur line-up, and insert Aaron Rodgers in top 3, drop Eli.

      • jamieg101 – the Giant’s defense didn’t get their act together until the playoffs – before then NY defense was horrible and no running game, Manning carried the team – 5 come from behind games and a record for 4th quarter TDs – without Eli, NY would have been 4-12 and last in the NFC East.

        Eli is a top 5 quarterback and for 2012 – Super Bowl MVP and best QB in the league

        • jamieg101 says:

          They got lucky in a few games and then rode their defense until the end. Same as always

          • Juggernaut says:

            Eli carried that team. They had no running game and had to pass the ball. The pass to Manningham in the Super Bowl was one of the best placed passes I’ve ever seen. What made it better is that it was in the Super Bowl.

          • sounds like a bitter Cowboy fan to me

    • RedHorse says:

      Come on you bunch of dipsticks!! You don’t even mention the one QB any coach would take right now. Young, in his prime and will NOT be in a rocking chair anytime soon.

    • Joe Flacco is the best QB in the NFL, inside of the Baltimore and Washington D.C. vicinity.
      He is just another Mark Sanchez south of New York, and with another year of experience.

    • Joe Flacco and QB rankings
      1. Tom Brady (Debateable)
      2. Aaron Rodgers (Great Regular Season w/ SB 2011)
      3. Drew Brees (String of strong years)
      4. Eli Manning (2 for 2 in SB’s and clutch plays)
      5. Payton Manning (only because he was out last year)
      6. Benn Rothlesburger (2-1 SB’s and strong resume)
      7. Phillip Rivers (Very good regular season’s except last year)
      8. Michael Vick (Brittle but when healthy very dangerous)
      9. Tony Romo (Needs to stay healthy and win in playoffs and big games)
      10. Matt Schaub (Solid numbers but needs to stay healthy and win (play in playoffs)
      11. Matthew Stafford (Good season and stayed healthy for playoff run)
      12. Camm Newton (Great for first season- one to watch in the future)
      13. Andy Dalton(Very good rookie season, with look for improvement in year 2)
      14. Jay Cutler (Needs to stay healthy and make another playoff run)
      15. Joe Flacco (#1 in his head but the QB of strong defense and running game needs to step up in big games)
      16. Mark Sanchez (Took step back with out strong running game and OLine but good playoff record 4-2 -all on the road)
      17. Alex Smith (Moved up and played well against NO in playoffs may have turned the corner after very slow start)
      18. Josh Freeman (Took a step back in year three but has talent to move up with new leadership a great deal in year four)
      19. Matt Castle (Needs to stay healthy and be more consistant)
      20. Joe Fitzpatrick (Journeyman struggled after getting contract)
      21.Carson Palmer (Skills seem to be fading, needs to regain early glory especially after semi-retirement)
      22. Matt Moore (Good end of year for journeyman QB, we will see if he can keep his job and continue to improve)
      23. Tim Tebow (Not a traditional QB, but has leadership skills – will push for QB job on NY Jets – needs to improve both accuracy and throwing mechanics)
      24. Tim Hassleback (Solid but aging QB needs strong supporting cast to continue to be effective)
      25. Sam Bradford (Needs to stay healthy and get support from new coaching staff to improve in year three)
      26. Blain Gabbard (Looks to take a step forward in year two with out Tim Tebow looking to take his job)
      27. Colt Mccoy (Needs to improve in year three or will not be starting)
      28. Christian Ponder( Hopefully he does better in year two)
      29. Tavares Jackson (Will only start if Matt Flynn fails miserable or gets injured)
      30. Rex Grossman (Journeyman that is very inconsistant and will not start this year unless RG3 gets hurt.)
      31. Kevin Kolb (Needs to stay healthy and prove he was worth the cost of signing him last year)

      • Steve thats a funny list. Really Vick,Romo, Schaub,Newton,Dalton and Stafford ahead of Flacco! Well Newton, Dalton and Stafford all are better because they had 1 good season and 2 of them were rookies? Glad your not a GM. Vick is good when he’s healthy, wasn’t he healthy last yr! He only missed 3 gms and then a QB that never threw for more then 3500 yrds, Joe has done it 3 times in 4 yrs. Schaub has never won anything until he had a top 5 defense but thats okay right! Romo are you kidding me with that. He has 1 playoff when even when he had good weapons and a good defense. You also list Brady as #1, he hasn’t won a SUPER BOWL since he had a top defense. Peyton shouldn’t be on the list because as you said he was out last yr and he has a bad neck. He is done just watch. See Steve football is a team gm not 1 player and at anytime you can start being honest and put Joe where he belongs and thats at #7 and thats because like I said Peyton shouldn’t be there and that would move the others up 1 and put Joe at 7. 2 AFC Championship gms in 4yrs and the 1st one was botched by special teams and put too much pressure on a rookie QB against a really good Pitt defense that won the Super Bowl that year and then last yr when Evans dropped a perfectly thrown that was dropped. But yeah thats all Joes fault for being a bad QB.

    • Phil I agree Joe isn’t a top 5 but you have to read the complete article not just Yardbarkers version. Like Joe said he thinks he is and doesn’t everybody think they are and if you think other wise you will not be successful in life. I don’t see the big deal. Last season Giant players were calling Eli elite and everyone was bashing them for that and look he won the Super Bowl. Now people are saying he’s better then his brother and so on. Joe doesn’t get enough credit for the wins. He gets blasted for not showing emotion and when he does or gets alittle cocky he gets blasted again. All I can say is the Ravens didn’t go after Peyton. The Jets, Philly,SF,Mia,Tenn,Sea,Wash, Denver and Ariz did. So they must think Joe now is better then Peyton now!! Ozzie Newsome forgot more about NFL talent then anyone on this board knows.

  2. C,mon, how can you expect someone to really say that I am not that guy. He truly believes he is the best although he haven’t had the stats to prove it. Positive thinking always does more than negative thinking. He has traveled a long road and he may still have some wys to travel but allow him to believe in himself because if he doesn’t who will.

  3. Surely Aaron Rogers is in the top 5

    • JowDadda says:

      Aaron Rogers isn’t in the top 5 because he’s learning how to be a dancer! Discount Double Check!

      • Steve Kay says:

        You better take up another sport to follow because you obviously do not understand football at all! Try Badminton, it’s much easier to comprehend!

  4. Joe Flacco could very well be close to the top league. He takes the ravens far every year and they were one catch away from the super bowl. We keep hearing how great Tom Brady is and all he does is pad up stats but every time he faces and agressive defense he falters. Tom brady is a great thrower but he is not tough when things get rough and he gets hit his whole deamener changes and he fails. It’s time Bill belichek get’s his due because if tom brady played for any other coach he would’nt have near the success he has now. Tom brady run is over the blue print is out hit him and play aggressive he looses confidence. Joe Flacco is tougher than Tom Brady he will stand tall in the pocket and is not easily rattled and he is getting better and better reminds me of eli manning quiet but very confident. Tom Brady pretends to be humble but is very arrogant!

    • Brady's not tough??? says:

      Come on Devin, I’m not a Pats fan either but, How could you say that Brady doesn’t stand tall and tough in the pocket? Have you seen him play? NO ONE stands taller with less fear…..N O O N E!

      • Yeah I have to agree that brady is the number one quarter back just because when he faces a strong defense and doesn’t put up big numbers doesn’t mean he is a bad quarterback. You can’t name a single quarterback in the league that put up big numbers against a strong defense. Other wise defense would be pointless…..

        • Besides the ravens could not even beat the pats least year when they had one of the worst defenses I had ever seen in the nfl of course they lose in the superbowl no matter what team on the nfc got there

      • steelersx6 says:

        Uhh who also stands taller let me see…oh ya BIG BEN DOES

      • I guess Brady’s Butt Buddy loves when he stands tall Or, maybe Brady is just easier for the inbred Brady Boy to spell than Roethlisberger.

  5. shakenbake7 says:

    hahahahahahaha this guy wouldn’t make a list of top 5 OVER-RATED quarterbacks….he’s that irrelevant.

  6. It’s called confidence. That’s the mans mindset, this is just a case of bloodthirsty reporters trying to magnify a molehill into a mountain

  7. Really, what has Flacco ever done? Look at Brady, 3SB rings Eli, 2 SB rings Big Ben, 2SB rings and those with one SB ring. Flacco is a joke.

  8. Joe Flaco has never shown me anything that says he would not be a Top five Quarterback if he had the same amount of time in the pocket as others do. In the last playoff game against the patriots Joe Flaco’s numbers beat Tom Brady’s even though he only had half as much time in the pocket. They only lost the game because of a bad drop in the end zone and the ineffectiveness of the offense line in creating running zones for Ray Rice.

  9. Saints Bounty System strikes again – How many times did they hit him in the Head!!!

  10. Joe give some of what you’re smokin must be some good shit

  11. C’mon people. If anyone cannot see what the guy is saying it is simply because 1-you are just one of those Raven haters or 2- you are just stupid. He is simply saying that any NFL QB has too feel that they are the best at what they do or what the hell are they doing on the field. What should he have said….. I am bottom 5 or I am the worst? This guy has been around for 4 seasons and has been to the playoffs all 4 seasons and to the AFC Championship twice. Flacco did everything he could do to out play Tom Brady and beat the Patriots and it came down to 1 drop in the end zone by a worthless Lee Evans to keep him from the SB and by the way it was a perfect pass right in his numbers. Maybe if people would look past the individual stats and look at what really counts, WINS AND LOSSES, you would see that Flacco is a very good QB. I will take another 10+ win season over a 100+ QB rating anyday. Cut the guy some slack.

  12. John Smith says:

    I watched Flacco miss open receivers more than once this year. Top 10 QB`s don`t do that very often. With a top 5 QB the Ravens would have had a couple of superbowl apperances during the time Flacco has been on the team. I`d rate him equal with the Miami QB`s 2nd to 3ed level. Hope the team can carry them not the other way around.

  13. Targash says:

    Simple you dont answer the question you avoid it with a Humble response like this…I think im a very good QB, I am working hard with my teamates to win the superbowl and we have every confidence in ourselves.

    The reality of the situation is flacco is a top 10-15 QB in the league. Far as arguements go clearly the top QBs are Brady, Manning and Brees. After them you could argue for eli, Ben and rogers in any order. Then you have the likes of shaub to consider… Alex smith even entered that 3rd tier last year and others like vick romo ryan and rivers. Flacco best fits into that 3rd group at best and is probably near the bottom of that rank.

  14. True..make a story out of nothing. I see all the dumbass glory days high school and college never made it any further then that football players making their comments. The guy is in contract negotiations and the starting QB. What’s he supposed to say, ” no I’m not in the top 5. No I’m not the best, maybe top 10, not really sure where I stand in the league.”. Even though 99% of you donut eating clowns work harder at not working, you still tell the boss you’re the best at what you do when it come to raise time.

  15. Flacco the Flako —- that’s what we call him.
    We PRAYED that JUST MAYBE Peyton would have landed in Baltimore.

  16. As a Steelers fan, I hate the Ravens but I have to say, Flacco sure takes a lot of garbage from the media and even his own fans. How on earth was he supposed to answer that? Imagine him saying..No, I don’t think I’m one of the best, infact, I’m not really that good at all. Ray Lewis would probably appear out of nowhere and beat the living daylights out of him. You have to have confidence in your abilities, you have to think you’re good or you’re lost in sports. Flacco is a good quality QB who’s played well for the Ravens. People need to get off his back and let the kid do what he does.

  17. Mike in Tampa says:

    I am a STEELER fan bleed black and gold Flacco cant shine the cleats of REAL TOP 5 QB’s
    such as Rogers, Ben,Brady, Eli, Favre. When the going gets tough Flacco packs up his tent and goes home……..

  18. TuffLynx says:

    I am a bit disappointed with this article. It is pretty normal for pro athletes to think they are the best player in their league, even when their production does not indicate that. That is just how some players keep the confidence they need to play in a pro league. I don’t think there is anything wrong with that.

    It would be better if we had a real story here instead of some kind of soap opera drama being manufactured for page hits.

  19. ColonelTom says:

    Let’s be serious, first of all Flacco is saying he believes he is the best and he goes on to say that’s what you have to believe, and that is right; however, the author has it right as well, we know what you were trying to say Joe but don’t say it! Flacco is supported by one of the best defenses in the league and has one of the top rushers in the league (meaning he also have a pretty good offensive line in front of him as well). The truth is Flacco played some of his best football in the playoffs this year so maybe he is getting better than just a place holder but he is not there yet. Flacco does not carry his team nor does he lead it! Flacco did not mean to say what people are getting from his comments but as the writer stated, he should never have said it!

  20. Sofa King Bad Donkey says:

    If being ranked 12th in passing is considered the best then I guess Joe Flacco is the best.

  21. Nope Joe Sorry….saw you blow way too many open receivers off and dump to the check-off anytime you had pressure. You had a pretty good line last year…hence the yardage Ray Rice gained. You can’t sit back and hold the ball forever trying to decide. You have a great receiver corps last year and the best all purpose back in the league. You have no excuses. Blame Evans for the drop? What about the fact that on that same play right smack in the middle, on the 1/2 yard line is Leach standing with nobody within 10 yards of him? NOONE stops Leach at the half yard line folks. What was he supposed to say? Ever hear Peyton respond to that question? Drew? They don’t say they have to believe they are the best….They say they work hard and play as hard as they can and that it’s a team sport, etc…. The Ravens consistently went to the playoffs with people like Boller, Redmon, etc….Joe is not leading them to the playoffs…Ray Rice, Ray Lewis, Suggs, and Ed Reed are doing that….Joe is a decent QB and an upgrade over what the Ravens have had since they came to Balto, but he is NOT a leader (sulks on the sideline, doesn’t look at booth photos etc) and he tends to choke under a rush….Sorry Joe….

  22. Big steve says:

    If ever there were cause for someone to submit to an immediate urinalysis this is it. Joe, joe, joe. I get that athletes have egos. I understand the pride. But when you start displaying signs of rampant delusions of grandeur it is time to seek professional help. If you are the best QB then I am the best blogger ever! Be happy being a solid QB bolstered by an awesome defense. Saying things like this only erodes the confidence your teammates have in you.

  23. I’m an Astronaut. LOL, It’s fun to just say stuff that’s not true! LOL, good one Joe!
    #funny to pretend.
    #Joe Flacco, Funnier>Good at football

  24. flirt123 says:

    You have to get to the superbowl. Choked the last 2yrs in the big title game…………When you get the ring then you can brag……………………..

    • He choked??? Lee Evans and Billy Cundiff choked this year and the year before TJ Housurmama and Anquan Boldin choked! cmon kid get ur facts right

  25. Mexoplex says:

    Let Cam Newton have said that. You Football genius’ would crucify him all over the internet. y’all get all soft when its one of YOUR qbs talking !@#$%^.

    • Waldo0034 says:

      wow dont you just sound like a racist fuck

      • Leave it to people like Mexoplex to turn something he doesn’t agree with into a racism issue. Any time something doesn’t go the way an idiot like him wants, all of a sudden it is an issue with race. Seeing the pic associated with Mexoplex I can see how he must be upset, his skin is the same color as my anus and probably smells just as bad. Too bad for you Mexoplex, and your naacp racist pricks, you can’t sue God for being racist making you the turd you are.

    • Haven’t you read the comments here. Joe has been crucified for saying that. You just want to stir the pot and turn this into a racist conversation.

    • lol, funny how people like you act. you’re pathetic. No one cares about race anymore bro. Grow the fuck up and get over your bull shit it’s fucking 2012. People aren’t descriminated against except by pathetic ass holes like you and you’re a dying breed. There’s not one person that agrees that flacco is the best QB in football. He is getting crucified just like cam newton or michael vick would have if they said something that stupid. He’s just as much of a joke as they are and almost as much of a joke as you are for posting something so stupid… well let’s not go too far you’re the biggest joke on this entire thread. I think I’m done here…. If you don’t feel very very stupid right now then you’re oblivious and even more pathetic than I initially thought.

      • THANK YOU!!! I am so totally sick and tired of racist claims. Just because something doesn’t go your way, DOES NOT MEAN IT IS RACIST! After kissing asses and putting them on a monument, just so they feel better about themselves, it makes me sick. I have a pin for my jacket. It says, “I am a strait, White, Christian, Republican Man. How else can I piss you off today?” Think about this, Clinton signs affirmative action into law. So every company that employs 100 of more employees MUST have 19% (the national average) of minorities working in their company – EVEN if there are more qualified white applicants. Sound Fair yet? OK, since those “race baiters” agreed with affirmative action, why can an NBA team only have black players? Why can the NFL have 76% minorities? If 19% black in those company’s is OK, then why shouldn’t it be fair to only give minorities 19% of the pro sports positions? and make them 81% white? Double Standard. Also you race-baiters”, this is a place to agree/disagree with the athletes comments. If you do not hear what you do not want to hear doesn’t mean “it is RACIST”.

  26. haha cuase your not.:)

  27. He must have T.O.’s agent. He certainly has T.O.’s gap between real and perceived talent.

  28. Joshua Hardee says:

    Joe Flaco is the worst QB in the league if he was as good as he thinks he is then he would have taken Baltimore all the way last season. I believe that if Baltimore got a new QB this next season they might go somewhere but Flacco is just holding them back from winning the super bowl…

    • obviously you DID NOT WATCH the Ravens playoff game last season, or this season.. it was NOT Joe who caused the Ravens loss… either season… Anquan Boldin dropped a pass last yr. that would have sent the Ravens on, and this yr. it was Lee Evans who dropped a pass thrown perfectly… Joe Flacco was not the one who didnt play well… Joe is NOT holding this team back… quite the contrary… we now have class act QB which is something lacking in past seasons !!

  29. Don Barrett says:

    Top 5 QB’s in the NFL:

    1.Tom Brady
    2.Aaron Rodgers
    3.Drew Brees
    4.Peyton Manning
    5.Eli Manning

    • Steve Kay says:

      You can rate Eli 55 if you want because I don’t think he cares! Like Al Davis used to say, “Just Win Baby, Just Win” and this is what Eli does! Eli has the respect of his team mates, coach, his brother and all the Giant Fans and this is all that matters! Eli 2 opposition 0 !

  30. ALL JOE SAID was that he BELIEVES in himself… that is fine by me ! I am a Ravens fan and I love our QB so him saying that he believes in himself is EXACTLY what I want to hear as a RAVENS fan !! GO JOE !!

  31. that guy says:

    Guys, understand that he’s basically saying if you want to be good, you have to believe you’re good. If you want to be the best, you have to believe you’re the best. If you go around thinking that you absolutely suck, you’re going to play like that. How you play is not only about skill, and he is skilled (although not the most in the league) but it’s also about confidence, and Joe obviously has that confidence. He’s in the middle of contract negotiations, so obviously he has to talk himself up too, so if he said that “Oh, I think I’m just your average quarterback, top 15 in the league, maybe top 10 if you’re being generous,” what good is that going to do for him in terms of his confidence, and a new contract? Also, not just in football, but in every sport (except for individual sports), the number of championships you have should only be relevant when you’re talking about how good the TEAM is overall. A championship is won by a team, not a single player. Sure, he’s the quarterback, so he’s mainly responsible for leading his team to the Superbowl, but not winning a championship does not automatically diminish how good he is, and bolster the skill of everyone who hasn’t won a championship. In football, there are great players who have never won a Superbowl. In basketball, there are tons of really great, HOF type players who have never won a championship. In baseball, there are really great players who have never won a World Series. This doesn’t make them any worse of a player. So I think when discussing an individual’s talent in a team sport, take championships out of it. And also understand that Joe isn’t saying he’s the best quarterback in the league, but he’s saying you have to believe you’re that good or you’ll never succeed. No need to hate on the guy.

    • Shirley Amato says:

      To Jrs Junkyard, You left off Big Ben. I don’t care that you don’t like him but the fact is the fact he takes the steelers to the playoffs each year and how about those 2 superbowl rings? You have a smiley face by Philip Rivers…How many rings does he have?? Oh yea a big fat zero. So when you people make lists for top quarterbacks you have to add Big Ben. Joe Flaco a big fat zero

  32. Jrs Junkyard says:

    Joe Flacco may be in the top 15, but certainly not even top 10 – it is arguable where he ranks from 10-15, but top 10 no way!
    1) Peyton Manning – Den
    2) Tom Brady – NE
    3) Arron Rodgers – GB
    4) Drew Brees – NO
    5) Michael Vick – Phila
    6) Eli Manning – NY
    7) Matt Shaub – Hou
    8) Phillip Rivers – SD
    9) Matt Stafford – Det
    10) Jay Cutler – Chi
    11) Tony Romo – Dal
    12) Carson Palmer – Oak
    13) Maybe Joe Flacco – Balt
    14) Alex Smith – SF
    15) Josh Freedman – Tampa


      • I’m with you that Vick is WAY too high. I had him ranked 10. But Rodgers hasn’t only had 2 good years. His first year was above average. His second year was really good. His 3rd year was great and last year was epic. There’s a reason why he won MVP of the league. He is consistant enough that there is an argument to put Rodgers at 1. When ranking who IS the best QB I go by trends and consistency and Rodgers is trending up with 4 years to back it Up. If you go by your standard you automatically give an advantage to the QBs with longer careers so that hurts in being objective about who currently is playing the best. THis list has some major flaws but if you’re going to freak out there are much worse lists made on this very thread. Don’t over react.

  33. The Best? Top 5? Top 10? I don’t think so. If he were put on the market as an even trade for any opther QB in the league right now, there would be maybe 5 teams that see him as an upgrade over what they currently have. I excluded The Colts and Redskins because they are drafting guys I would rather have than Joe Flacco. It is one thing to be confident and another to be totally OBLIVIOUS. He has no idea just how mediocore he really is. Take what the Ravens will pay you and run to the bank Joe. You won’t get it anywhere else.

  34. If you ranked Rodgers outside of top 3 you don’t know enough about football to be discussing it. As far as flacco if you rank him any higher than 9 again you shouldn’t be discussing football. mexoplex you are racist ass bitch. Fuck you. Ignorant stupid mother fucker.

    1 Brady as much as I hate him
    2 Rodgers
    3 manning (peyton)
    4 Brees
    5 manning down syndrome type
    6 Roethlesburger
    7 Stafford the frat boy
    8 Vick the felon
    9 newton/ Dalton
    10 “”
    11 flacco/ alex smith

  35. hahahahahahaha what a Joke top 20 maybe at best

  36. Just one word needs to be said!!!!!!!!!!!!!! NOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! or you could put it another way not only NO BUT HELL NO… Arragant jerk!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  37. I’d like to reserve my judgement on that until he can prove to me he can count his downs

  38. This guy must have really long arms because he is CONSTANTLY patting himself on the back.

  39. CULLABOI says:


    • joe lost. joe played against the pats weak ass d. Tom played against baltimores d. hard to say he outplayed him when they lined up against different personel

  40. CULLABOI says:


  41. bmellownow says:

    Rodgers, Stafford, Manning, Manning, Brees, Ben, Rivers are all way better than Flacco.

    Flacco is on par with guys like Romo and Cutler, no way he’s an elite QB.

  42. Good to know the world is full of so many dumb assess, connecting dots that aren’t there – Al Sharpton would be so proud of you geniuses.

    • Bert, I am really offended by what you said about Al Sharpton. Not because it was bad, but because it wasn’t bad enough. Damn I hate that guy.
      All that’s left is for Flacco to start leading protest marches and exploiting tragedies.
      Just remember, wherever there is a tragedy and a camera, Al Sharpton will be there to promote himself. Is there any bigger opportunist?

  43. DevilDoc says:

    I think everyone has taken Joe Flacco’s statement out of context. I think he meant to say that he is one of the top 5 Quarterbacks in the AFC North. LOL

  44. until a QB can put a ring on the fingers of his teammates, he should shut up and play

  45. Ron Kurimsky says:

    Joe, you are very clearly not the best QB in the NFL. As a matter of fact, you may not even be in the top 5. But, you are very clearly the stupidest QB in the entoire NFL for saying so.

  46. Joe Flacco is an idiot to think he’s better than Peyton Manning or Drew Brees. He must be on dope if he believes he is the best. A true idiot. You’re not even in the top 5, hell Vince Young could give u a run for your money. LOL


  48. steelers girl says:

    JOE JOE JOE!!!!!!!!!!!!! Wake up honey…there you go dreaming again. Dreaming that you are the best QB in the NFL again. Tom-Payton-Eli-Drew-Big Ben-Aaron- Joe….Who out of all these Quarterbacks have SUPERBOWL rings and who does not?? Why the best quarterback in the NFL does not have a SUPERBOWL RING. Whoopsssssssssssssssss…best huh??????

  49. I beleive that Joe Flacco is a good quarterback but not in the top 5, he would be somewhere in the top 20. The best quarterback now i would say 1) Brees 2) Brady 3) P. Manning 4) Rodgers 5) Phillips. Super Bowls means alot but without the Defense and a good offense line the quarterback is nothing.

  50. apollo167 says:

    People, go LOOK AT THE STATISTICS/QB RATINGS for the past few years, and yes you should include how many SB rings they have; my point- how in the hell can those making a list NOT have Tony Romo in the top 7? GO AND LOOK AT THE NUMBERS, period!

  51. ELI is the biggest and badest right now everyone else is 2nd.GIANTS WIN GAMES

  52. did anyone mention marino??? he was one of the greatest qb’s of all time. he didn’t need a ring to get that nod. and as a great qb….. bradshaw has 4 rings but his stats sucked. if i’m correct, didn’t he have 212 tds and 210 ints? those are not great qb stats.

  53. BTW..anyone remember last year, before the season started, the media asked Eli Manning if he thought he was an elite QB and he said yes. The press went nuts, how DARE Eli think he was as good as Brady or Rodgers or Brees. Yea…well, look which one of them won the Super Bowl last year. If I remember correctly, it was Eli Manning..the guy who said he was elite. He proved it by winning, he shut up all of the critics and the people who made fun of him for daring to say he thought he was good. Maybe Flacco will do the same.

  54. Luminator says:

    Com’n Man! Seriously! Every year you are blessed with one of best defense in the league and you cannot even take advantage of it. Get real. If you keep this up, you will end up as a journey man back up…

  55. luminator says:

    Joe, you need therapy because you are obviously do not know how bad you are…

  56. Drlingkos says:

    Hey big bad Joe, if you think you are the best lets see your 90 million dollar contract?

  57. Wow, talk about a disconnect from reality…Joe, try passing for 40 TD’s, 4500 yards and get to a SB before you open your mouth and stick your foot into it sideways…what a stupid thing to say publicly…LOL…get a grip kiddo, you have won more games than you lost…BFD…ha, ha, ha…tell Ozzie to open up the checkbook and surround you with a little more talent and maybe someday when you’re all grown up, there will be some truth to your statements…until then, keep dream’in or stop taking whatever you are taking to lose a grip on life…

  58. A quote from “Dirty Harry” A legend in his own mind.Joe Flacco that is.The man has not even led his team past the playoffs much less the SB.

  59. I find it amazing all the crap people say about Flacco.I think if any of you could see the pass he through to the endzone was caught against the PUTS and yet all the NFL wanted was some sub-par rematch nobody wanted xcept Giants fans.The Giants did not want to play the RAVENS.That last ass kicking was tried and tru!!!!

  60. Brady doesnt belong anywhere near the best quarterbacks. He was lucky he was on a team that got him to the superbowls.

  61. Pointless article – of course he thinks he is the best who wouldn’t in his position. I’m sure most major league starting pitchers feel they are going to go out and throw a no-hitter or NASCAR drivers feel they are going to win the race? His point is clear.. would you want someone out on the field that just thinks they are an ok quarterback? Even the backup quarterbacks I’m sure feel they are the best if only someone would give them a chance.

    Anyway, nice way to try and sensationalize this. Pointless article and certainly not new or news worthy.. they both have been saying this since the end of the season (even during the season at times). Must have really been a slow news day for the past couple days for this writer.

  62. Phil – you forgot Aaron Rodgers (1SB ring in 3 years as starter)!! Flacco is far from top 5, but I’ll give him top 10 (lots of weak quarterbacks in the NFL) and I understand his confidence. I always felt I was the best quarterback in any league I played in — thats just confidence. You have to believe in yourself, you don’t state you’re the best!!! Chances are, you’re not!

  63. Hey Phil, Brady “IS” the number 1 quarterback and the only reason they don’t have a 4th and 5th ring is because of their secondary! Brady has more than carried he patriots thru a dismal pass rush and pass defense. Eli Manning is a dipstick and just plain old lucky as any decent quarterback could have and would have made the same last minute throws to win those 2 bowls. Cut the crap.

  64. 1 Brees 2Brady 3 Rodgers 4 Big Ben 5 Eli Manning ** Only leaving Peyton Manning off this list because waiting to see how he comes back from injury,otherwise he would be in top 2

  65. I am a die hard Raven fan and the media hates Joe and always takes what he say’s out of context. He is not a pretty boy or a really vocal guy on the field, but he is damn good. He definately isn’t the top QB in the league and I am sure he knows it. If anyone has played sports will tell you, confidence is everything. At the position of QB in the NFL if you aren’t supremely confident (i.e. think you are the best in the league) you will be worthless. That’s what he was trying to say. These damn reporters can take any quote made and twist it any way they want it to sound taken out of context. Joe is only guilty of trusting the media to paint him in a good light!!

  66. Can I simply say what a relief to search out someone who really knows what theyre talking about on the internet. You definitely know the right way to deliver a problem to mild and make it important. Extra individuals have to read this and perceive this side of the story. I cant imagine youre no more fashionable since you definitely have the gift.

  67. I think Joe Flacco and Matt Ryan of the Falcons are comparable quarterbacks in ability…..very good and will get better.

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