ESPN’s source for eavesdropping story is reportedly a sound and electrical worker who was fired by Saints in 2007

Things went relatively quiet following ESPN’s initial story alleging that Saints GM had an electronic device in his Superdome suite that allowed him to listen in on opposing teams. Of course, the organization denied the accusations and even former coach Jim Haslett offered up his denial.

But now, FOX 8 News in Louisiana has jump-started the story by outing the alleged source for ESPN’s claim. According to their report, a sound and electrical worker named Tim Landry who was fired the Saints in 2007 spilled the beans to ESPN’s Tom Barr. And from there, things began rolling.

Multiple sources, including those close to the Saints and the Superdome, tell FOX 8 News a former sound and electrical worker for the Saints, Tim Landry, is the initial source who told ESPN’s John Barr that Mickey Loomis’ Superdome box had been secretly re-wired to listen in on visiting teams’ coaching staffs.

Sources say ESPN’s investigation of the Saints started with phone calls from reporter John Barr to a number of people with current and former ties to the Saints. Former WWL radio reporter Kenny Wilkerson confirms to FOX 8 News that Barr called him, looking for information on Sean Payton. Wilkerson tells us he gave Barr phone numbers for a number of people, including Tim Landry.

Our multiple sources say Landry told Barr about the alleged rewiring. If true, legal experts say Loomis may have broken federal law. However, legal experts also say that ESPN’s source, Tim Landry, may have admitted he broke the law himself by being involved in the alleged rewiring.

What we have found out is that the Saints terminated Landry in 2007. Sources close to the team and the Superdome say the Saints accused Landry of using their equipment for non-team events, and they found that he gave them improper billings. After those findings, the Saints fired Landry from his contract job.

So, according to our sources, the ESPN report is based on the word of a former Saints contract employee who was fired, and possibly one or two people who worked with that contract employee, Tim Landry — and none were able to provide proof, other than their word, that Loomis and Landry may have committed a federal crime.

And the plot thickens.

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  1. angry hillbillies says:

    ESPN is at fault for reporting John Bar’s story when it should have been obvious that he was just trying to dig up dirt on a team already dealing with abuse. As a fair pay back, I hope the Saints sue ESPN for 50 million dollars.

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