ESPN’s Ed Werner attempted to ask Tom Benson about the Saints; David Stern instantly shuts that down

New Orleans Saints owner Tom Benson recently added the Hornets to his portfolio of sports teams so David Stern and the NBA trotted him out for a press conference to announce the acquisition.

Things were going as planned until ESPN’s Ed Werner decided to ask Benson about the Saints. And from there, David Stern showed him who was in charge of this press conference.

Tom Benson, the owner of the New Orleans Saints since 1985 and owner of the NBA New Orleans Hornets since Friday, was asked at an applause-happy, Hornets-called “press” conference about his troubled NFL franchise Monday afternoon. But before he could answer, Stern interrupted and said, “I’m not going to allow Mr. Benson to answer that.”

Various city dignitaries and others close to the Hornets at the press conference applauded after some had squirmed when the Saints’ bounty scandal was brought up by a reporter.

ESPN’s Ed Werder prefaced his question by saying he realized he was at an “NBA event,” but asked Benson about the NFL’s recent suspension of Saints coach Sean Payton, who began his nearly year-long sentence for allowing bounties Monday. Werder also asked about the contract status of still unsigned Saints superstar quarterback Drew Brees.

“This is an NBA thing,” Stern said. “And if ESPN has a problem with that, they can call me at the office.”

Guess Ed Werner may need to stick to NFL things.

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