Dwyane Wade says season is a failure without a championship, LeBron James disagrees

So here’s more fuel for you LeBron James haters.

Ira Winderman of the South Florida Sentinel asked both Dwyane Wade and LeBron James how they would view this season if the Miami Heat falls short of winning a championship.

Wade sees that scenario as a “failure”. James disagrees.

Queue the “LeBron James isn’t a winner” talk.

First, here are LeBron’s comments:

“The season won’t be a failure,” James said. “You put too much work into a season to automatically call it a failure, but it would be a disappointment.

“This is our goal. This is what we’ve come together for. A failure is a strong word. We commit ourselves and we dedicate our season, we work hard every day and to automatically say it’s a failure, I think that’s a big word. But I think it’d be a disappointment, because that’s what you work hard for every day.”

Now Wade’s:

“I say yes,” he said. “There’s only one champion. It’s a failure for every other team. If you don’t win a championship, you had a failed year.”

We understand what James is attempting to say here. Even the LeBron haters understand what he’s attempting to say. But all that doesn’t matter.

James needs to win a championship this season. And if he doesn’t, this season is indeed a failure.

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