Dwight Howard reportedly does not want to play for Stan Van Gundy any longer, will likely sit out the playoffs

The Orlando Magic are just a complete mess. A complete utterly mess. And at the center of it all is Dwight Howard.

Just in the past month, we’ve heard that Howard wanted Magic coach Stan Van Gundy fired. Something that Howard denied. But things got awkward when Van Gundy later confirmed it. And now, there’s word that Howard does not want to play for Van Gundy any longer and he will likely sit out the postseason.

And just in case you doubt a report like this, let us just tell you that this is coming from David Pingalore of WKMG. The same man that brought us the initial report that started this whole episode.

Local 6 Sports Director David Pingalore has learned through NBA and Orlando Magic sources that Dwight Howard does not want to play for head coach Stan Van Gundy any longer.

According to his sources, Howard is still upset with Van Gundy confirming Pingalore’s report from earlier this month that Howard went to Magic management asking for Van Gundy to be fired.

On Friday, the Magic had their physical therapist Ed Manalo travel with Howard to Los Angeles, where Howard went to have his back diagnosed.

After visiting Los Angeles, Pingalore’s sources confirmed that Howard was adamant about joining the team in Cleveland but the Magic asked him to return to Orlando.

Howard would eventually travel to Cleveland. However, Howard sat in the hotel for the game Sunday evening and rejoined the team as they traveled back to Orlando.

Howard would also likely sit out the postseason, according to the source.

This whole thing has just gotten way out of hand.

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  1. I guess Mitch Kupchak saw something…. Good thing we didn’t get this clown… What if he was to get to LA and say…. I don’t want to play with Kobe and sits out the Playoffs… We still got that diva Bynum here though… but looks like he’s easier to deal with than #12 and his baggages

  2. What a spoiled brat. What professional team needs a guy like that? He’s a legend in his own mind. Win something first before donning a cape and calling yourself Superman.

  3. Whoaaaaaaaaaa, this dude seems to have turned into a dick.
    Went from church going dude, to baby making prick with a Orlando cheerleader.

    Looks like Magic is going to regret not trading him in the long run.

  4. Getting mad at something that happened nearly 1 month ago? Dwight, quit being a little girl.

  5. I feel sorry for Van Gundy and his Magic team to be saddled with this self-absorbed, narcissist player that is Howard. I hope he does decide to sit out the rest of the season; that way, other players like Glen “big baby” Davis can rise up and take leadership to their teammates (who, by the way, scored 27 points against his former team, even though they lost last night.)

  6. gohardorgohome says:

    It amazes me how one small thing can start such a big thing. People are blowing this up way to big. It’s his problem let him deal with it. I mean we all have to do things and listen to people we don’t want to, but to make such a big thing out of something so small makes no sense to me! Howard doesn’t have to play for his coach; he needs to play for himself and his team. He loves the sport and that’s why he has come so far in playing in it. Just because one coach makes him do things he doesn’t want to doesn’t mean he shouldn’t enjoy playing or stop him from having fun with his team mates on the court.

  7. I don’t know what all the fuss is about. D. Howard is not all that, he can’t even make free thows, orlando should have gotten rid of his ass last year ! He just want to stay in the news with his antics. Win a damn ring, that’s what real ballers do, let your game speak for you. I’m not the biggest stan vangundy fan, but the man has to put up with all these distractions, it’s got to be a pain in his ass. Keep stan get rid of dwight, he’s gonna be gone after next season anyway !!

  8. Can’t the NBA get this guy to shut up and do his job? Seems like there must be some clause they could use, like “conduct unbecoming”, or conduct detremental to basketball or something. He is a jackass and should be put down, hard.

  9. pinkruby08 says:

    Come on superman stop crying and do you job!!!! Things don’t go your way and you want to quit sit out the rest of the season. Who are you to tell anyone to terminate Stan Van Gundy? He will be around long after you are gone Dwight you need to check yourself at the door take a good look. You have let all that money you have made with the NBA go to your big head. You should thank GOD you are where you are today.
    Orlando Magic let Dwight go to Cleveland the last thing you need is a big cry baby on your hands who doesn’t want to do his job. And by the way dock is pay for everyday he doesn’t play hurt him in the pocket book !!! There must be some recourse you can take for a player that refuses to do their job.

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