Details emerge about Jordan Hill’s alleged assault of girlfriend Darlene Luna

Earlier today, we brought you word that Lakers big man Jordan Hill had been charged with felony assault. Initially all we knew was that the assault was allegedly on a “family member”. Later we got word that the “family member” was Hill’s girlfriend Darlene Luna.

Now details are beginning to emerge about what exactly went down between Hill and Luna.

Court documents say Hill had paid the woman’s airfare to come to Houston from Florida. According to an interview she did with an investigator, she said the two were sitting on a couch “discussing their future and then they argued.”

“She stated she threw the defendant’s two cell phones to the floor and defendant became angry and began to strike her in the legs with his fists.”

“Then the defendant grabbed her and pulled her off the couch and dragged her over to where the phones were and threw her against a wall,” the complaint says. “He demanded that she pick up his phones and then pulled her up by her right arm, argued and while she was turned away from him, he reached around her neck from behind and pulled her up and into his body. She stated that the defendant put her into a choke hold and her neck was in the bend of his elbow and the defendant’s action caused restriction to her breathing causing her to gasp for air.”

She said she told Hill she wanted to go home and he booked a flight on his computer and told her if she wanted to go, to hit “enter.” She did.

The complaint says a friend picked her up and noticed bruises, and photos show bruises to the legs.

Yeah, that certainly doesn’t sound good for Hill.

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  1. Throw this guy in jail! I’m sick of celebrities getting out of situations like this just because they have money.

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