Derrick Rose is sick and tired of the hard fouls

Now that Derrick Rose has won a MVP award and no one in the league can guard him, teams have become fed up. They are fed up that Rose gets any and every shot he wants on the court whenever he chooses to. And since most teams don’t have one person on their roster that can stop Rose from doing whatever he wants to do, they’ve decided to rough Rose up.

Now this isn’t a new practice. Teams have historically been extra physical with players that can torch them at any given time. Just ask Michael Jordan about the “Jordan Rules”. And like Jordan early on, Rose is struggling with the new defensive approach teams are using against him.

Chicago Bulls point guard Derrick Rose is fed up with the way some players in the league are trying to defend him.

Rose, who scored 24 points in the Bulls’ 100-94 overtime win over the Detroit Pistons on Sunday night, was frustrated that he had a bloody dent on the bridge of his nose thanks to Pistons’ forward Charlie Villanueva.

After the game, Rose was still upset with the way the play went down. He argued with Villanueva for a moment before going to the sidelines for treatment from Bulls athletic trainer Fred Tedeschi.

“I was mad,” Rose said. “I’m sick and tired of people trying to take cheap shots at me. You got to say something.”
“I’ve gotta be the only superstar in the league that’s going through what I’m going through right now,” Rose said at the time, referring to a lack of foul calls in his favor. “But I can’t say too much about it.”

Rose isn’t sure why he feels like some players go after him.

“I really don’t know,” he said. “Probably because I don’t say anything or whatever, but I’m a man, where in situations like that you have to say something.”

They continue to go after you Derrick because if they don’t, you’ll drop 30 on them. And just like Jordan, he’ll learn how to handle the way defenses are playing him now and then he will be truly unstoppable.

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  1. Dimitrius says:

    He will continue to receive these fouls until his soft teammates learn to retaliate. Teams stopped fouling MJ after Oakley, Pippen, Rodman, Wennington, Longley, etc. began to return the favor. As long as Boozer, Noah, Asik, and Deng allow it to happen, it will continue to happen. D Rose has no protection. The Bulls have no heart; no identity; no toughness.

  2. Hell just play the damn game and shut up…Now you know how LBJ AND WADE feels now…just take the hits and play damn ball!!!!

    • Forum Cruiser says:

      Wade and James get a lot more respect then Rose. For some reason teams are allowed to hit Rose every time he comes into the lane and often he does not get the calls. Wade, James, and most stars in the league will get those calls. Hopefully eventually so will Rose.

  3. I’m sorry but if I’m making 100 million plus I really don’t care that I’m getting fouled. Heck, even if I was talented enough to be in the NBA and make 250k a year I wouldn’t be complaining. If players are doing you dirty, check which ones are doing it to you and give one back to them. Layup in the lane and a swift Jon Jones elbow them to the face and tell the official, “it appeared to be worse than it actually was…”

  4. What a whiner.

  5. Terry Boyd says:

    Is the reason someone else took his SAT because Calipari thought he might get fouled ??

  6. knickfan212 says:

    He’s getting just what the other super stars are getting. He’s not the only one to get fouled hard. The thing that gets me is when players foul so hard a player could end up with a career ending injury. When it’s evident the defensive man is not going for the ball it’s called a flagrant but some of these guys are really trying to hurt you to get you out of the game so their team has a better chance. There’s no place in the league for that. If a player is trying to hurt someone so bad that they must leave the game he @ss should be suspended for the season. Give him some time to think about what he did or could’ve done.

  7. It’s time for referees to start calling the game fair. Superstars shouldn’t get more consideration than rookies. A foul is a foul! Big City teams should not be favored over small city ones. Call the game fair and everybody wins. Too often Superstars get the calls their way which is just flat out wrong. A case in point: “Dallas Maverik’s West pushing his finger in Gordon Hayward’s ear and only a Technical? What if he had done that to a Referee? Out on the street a police officer could have arrested him for assault. Maybe Referees need to be fined and suspended for showing bias in their calls. If teams go after a player to hurt him then forfeit should be an option. C’mon Refs do what you are paid for! And do it FAIR!

  8. I have seen games where Kobe’s gotten a foul for someone bearly touching his arm hair! In that same game (BULLS VS. MAVERICKS) Dirk and Korver both went for ” the ball” Dirk fell, not because he was fouled, but because Korver was simply stronger than him! Its just a fact, some refs don’t call the game fair. Teams could very well lose championships that way.

  9. FreeAgentID says:

    Go Derrick!

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