Carmelo Anthony wants Mike Woodson back next season

Post-Mike D’Antoni Carmelo Anthony has been the consummate teammate. He’s saying the right things, he’s doing the right things, and most importantly he’s playing like you want your star to play.

And keeping with his new consummate teammate persona, Anthony decided to give his endorsement of Mike Woodson as the Knicks head coach next season in a interview with ESPN’s Hannah Storm.

Count Carmelo Anthony among those who want to see New York Knicks interim head coach Mike Woodson back next year.

“Absolutely,” Anthony told ESPN’s Hannah Storm in an interview for ESPN’s “Face2Face.” “I’m a big supporter of what coach Woodson has done. His approach to the game, and what he gets out of all his players, even me. He holds everybody accountable and that’s what we need.”

All this sounds good, but unfortunately for Carmelo and the Knicks, they are owned by James Dolan. Which means that he will find a way to screw this thing up.

And besides, it’s not like Dolan would ever listen to Carmelo.

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  1. This makes “NO SENSE”, who does Carmelo think he is, the Knicks are now in the unenviable position of having the opportunity to finally bring Phil Jackson at whatever cost back to where he started, and where he needs to be. If the Knicks make this grave error of once again hiring on a few good games by an average coach, then they deserve to be bottom dwellers. They need a complete change in direction with respect to head coach and coaching staff. If they retain the present regime hoping things will change, they won’t “We’ve been there and done that.” We need Phil Jackson with his “How Many.?” rings O eight, lets get real for once, and not let the players run the organization. Listen up DOLAN, you got to get the lead-out and bring in the proven winner, it is high-time the Knicks are returned to a respectable team. GO GET PHIL if he will accept the job, give him what he wants and lets bring a few championships to NYC. If you go by the players opinions you lose, it has been this way for way too long. Go with your gut, and man-up and bring Phil Jackson in and watch if in a year or two you won’t be the happiest man in NY. Phil is the proven winner, and if he is given the right peaces, and I believe we have them give or take a few players, we can win big and for years to come. DON’T go the cheap route and try to penny pinch on Woodson, he’s a nice guy, but not a proven winner. Say goodbye to past, thank them for their service and lets get a new regime, Phil Jackson and his crew and see.

    NY KNICKS fan since 1960.

  2. Phil Jackson has been a winner because he had the players to be a winner. I could have won 8 champs with what he has had. he will be a distraction form the team and he has been so suceessful he really doesn’t care if he wins in NY. I HAVE BEEN A kNICK FAN FOR OVER 30 YEARS I BREATH THE kNICKS. MIKE IS HUNGRY AND HE WILL BE A GREAT COACH FOR THE KNICKS. HE IS A GREAT MOTIVATOR AND HE KNOWS THE GAME. WE MESSED UP WITH LARRY BROWN THINKING HE IS THE ONE WE WILL DO THE SAME WITH PHIL JACKSON BELIEVE ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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