Author/filmmaker fingers Mike Cerullo as Saints’ bounty snitch

Local author/filmmaker Alan Donnes who has covered the Saints and even did a book about them title ‘Patron Saint’ did a wide ranging interview with America’s Radio News Network where he fingered former Saints defensive quality control Mike Cerullo as the snitch that set “Bountygate” into motion.

Donnes contends that Cerullo was a “disgruntled employee” that left the Saints in 2009. Donnes also contends that Cerullo believes that he was unable to get another job in the NFL because of Sean Payton and Gregg Williams blackballing him. And that led to Cerullo blowing the whistle to the NFL about the Saints’ bounty program.

When author and filmmaker Alan Donnes did an interview with America’s Radio News Network, he revealed something that Saints fans have wondered about since news first broke of the bounty scandal: the whistleblower.
“Will I get shot through the phone if I say it?” Donnes joked.

“Based on my sources, and I believe they’re very good, it’s former defensive quality control coach Mike Cerullo,” Donnes finally announced.

“He believed that it was Gregg Williams and Sean Payton and others in that organization, blocking him from getting other work,” Donnes explained to a national audience. “To the best of my sources I have and everybody has, we all have that name. The Saints, we believe, have not been told to confirm anything and they probably wouldn’t. But it’s Mike Cerullo and he is an assistant coach at the University of Connecticut.”

Here’s the audio from the interview:

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  1. If this is true, they need to put a bounty on his head! “Remember me shot!”

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