2012 NFL schedule: Pinpointing exactly when Randy Moss will quit on the 49ers

When Randy Moss decided to sign with the San Francisco 49ers we instantly began to think about everything that could go right and everything that could go wrong. And though there is a lot that can go right in Moss’ time in San Francisco, we’re more interested in what could and will go wrong.

If we step back and take a good look at this, the 49ers couldn’t be a worse fit for Moss. They are led by a mediocre quarterback in Alex Smith and they like to run the ball a lot.

And what are the two things that Randy Moss hates the most? Yep, blocking and not getting the ball. Since he’s bound to be doing a lot of both of those things, we may as well pinpoint when he’ll be fed up with it all and decide to quit on the 49ers. Because you know it’s coming.

Week 1 @ Packers
Green Bay will put up points so San Francisco will need to air it out to keep pace. Moss will get his looks and he’ll be happy.

Week 2 vs. Lions
The Lions defense will have Alex Smith running for his life which doesn’t bode well for the passing game. Seeing Calvin Johnson put numbers certainly won’t help either. Moss may silently take note of it all, but it’s just too early to make a fuss. Even for Randy Moss.

Week 3 @ Vikings
He’s gonna get number this week. All is well.

Week 4 @ Jets
A matchup with Darrelle Revis that he wants to win. If he doesn’t get many looks here, trouble may start to brew.

Week 5 vs. Bills
Depending on how the prior week went, Moss could be starting to get restless. He’ll hang in there despite what happens this week, but this probably needs to be a good game numbers wise for him.

Week 6 vs. Giants
We’re now in a danger zone. We may have already heard reports of frustration from Moss. He just won’t show it publicly this week.

Week 7 vs. Seahawks
A bounce back game that keeps him happy for one last week until…….

Week 8 @ Cardinals
He begins to show his frustration with his involvement in the offense during this week’s game and the entire bye week is used to downplay it all. From here it’s all downhill until the 49ers decided to cut ties.

We wish it wouldn’t end this way, but we all know it will. Might as well embrace it.

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  1. DoubleB450 says:

    The person who wrote this is a complete tool. Enough said!

  2. DoubleB450 says:

    Wait, Can you pick me lottery numbers?? Seeing how you know this is all going to happen.

  3. LOL at evans.

  4. Its pretty easy to predict when your journalism career will be over…..if it really ever got off the ground writing horrible pieces like this.

  5. For only one million dollars for one year, Moss was a steal……..The risk and the upside is definitely worth it……

  6. Haters will hate…

  7. Always frustrating reading the comments on any article, but this one’s ridiculous. Relax people, the guy wrote an article that’s clearly meant to be a joke! …A joke that we all know could end up being at least 50% accurate!

  8. all the analyst have opinions and thats what they are paid to do but this sounds like for motivation you cant quit on this team you have to many guys wanting to get it done as a team. i hear no yapping from the niner players.

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