Tim Tebow reportedly believes he can beat out Mark Sanchez for the starting job

When the Jets traded for Tim Tebow, they thought they were getting a guy that would generate buzz and could sprinkle in a few big plays here and there while running the Wildcat. But apparently what they are getting is a guy that is dead set on being the starter in New York. A guy that reportedly thinks he can beat out Mark Sanchez for the starting job. A guy that chose to come to New York for just that purpose.

Can you say quarterback controversy?

Tim Tebow’s love of New York has nothing to do with pastrami and rye, or Times Square, or even Madison Ave.: The real reason Tebow loves New York is because he feels he can beat out Mark Sanchez and become the Jets’ starting quarterback.

A major factor in Tebow’s push to come to New York over Jacksonville, his hometown, is that he sees a clear path to resuming his career as a starter, sources tell the Daily News.

There is a feeling around the league that the Jets believe Sanchez played his best in the pressure of the playoffs his first two seasons and they feel they need to put the pressure on him in the regular season to get him to raise his game.

Isn’t this just grand? The Jets attempt to build buzz and put pressure on Sanchez is going to end up in controversy.

We wouldn’t expect anything less from the Jets.

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  1. So Tim Tebow thinks he can outplay Mark “sack-chez” Sanchez for the HEAD q.b. position?
    What GOOD does that do if fat boy Rex Ryan doesn’t play Tebow. ??!! WTF

    Somebody should have sent Aaron Hernandez over to Jets H.Q. to kill off the Jets ‘coaching’ staff before he went upstate to prison.! LOL

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