The Detroit Tigers don’t want you to buy this Jim Leyland t-shirt

We can all agree that the t-shirt pictured above has to be one of the best Jim Leyland t-shirts we’ve ever seen. Not that we’ve seen many Jim Leyland t-shirts, but we’ll go out on a limb and say you just can’t get much better than that.

But unfortunately, the Detroit Tigers don’t want you to be able to purchase one of the best Jim Leyland t-shirts we’ve ever seen. The Tigers have taken legal action against a bar called “The Dirty Trick” who’s selling the y-shirts for $22. Their beef with t-shirt has to do with the Old English D logo on Leyland’s hat and the image that a photo of Jim Leyland smoking portrays.

Just in time for baseball season, The Dirty Trick, at Woodward and East Adams, is selling a T-shirt that features the likeness of Tigers manager Jim Leyland on the front with a lit cigarette dangling from the left side of his mouth.

The shirts were being sold for $22 at the bar Sunday night, but owner Louis Colombo said Monday he might halt sales because of a legal dilemma with the team. Colombo, 42, said a member of the Tigers legal counsel called him Monday afternoon and said the bar is expected to receive a cease-and-desist order this week.

Tigers officials appear to have a problem with the Old English D logo being used because it resembles their trademarked team logo, as well as the image the shirt portrays, Colombo said.

Colombo, however, claims the shirt is intended to honor Leyland’s colorful personality and his success as manager of this gritty, sports-crazed town.

“There’s nothing negative about it,” said Colombo, a married father of seven children from Grosse Pointe Park. “I think Jim Leyland is amazing, that’s why I did it. Besides Sparky Anderson, he’s my favorite Tigers manager. I just thought that if I were to do a Tigers shirt, I would have to put Jim Leyland’s face on it.”

We can understand the Tigers’ beef with the logo, but being concerned about the image it portrays?

C’mon now.

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