Some Eagles players think the organization is trying to keep DeSean Jackson’s numbers

The Eagles slapped the franchise on DeSean Jackson earlier this week and Jackson is saying all the right things in regards to the move. Likewise, the Eagles as an organization is saying all the right things about Jackson’s long term future in Philly, but according to, some of Jackson’s teammates are leery of an organizational agenda when it comes to Jackson.

They contend that the organization is trying to keep Jackson’s numbers down so they won’t have to pay him #1 receiver money.

Jackson’s teammates are watching how this is handled. They know that the 25-year-old wide receiver isn’t the most mature guy on the roster. They also know that he has singlehandedly turned losses into victories and given up his body to make big plays for them.

They wonder whether there is an agenda at work, if his role in the offense is affected by the team’s interest in keeping his numbers down. That is very unlikely, given the pressure on coaches to win, but the speculation is corrosive. It’s bad for everyone.

This type of talk amongst Eagles players is indeed corrosive, but you can’t really completely dismiss it. DeSean Jackson isn’t a receiver of the caliber of a Larry Fitzgerald, Calvin Johnson, or Andre Johnson. But if he puts up numbers the rival those three, you have to pay him for it. Something the Eagles definitely don’t want to do.

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  1. tigerlilly says:

    I agree with this article to a large degree. I believed strongly that the Eagles coaching staff underplayed their team this year. At first I thought maybe it was become they know majority of people had bad feelings about Michael Vick because of his past but I am not sure which one it is but I do believe they deliberately through games in 2011.

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