Shoney’s offering Peyton Manning free pancakes if he signs with the Titans

If by some chance Peyton Manning isn’t swayed by the Titans offering him a contract for life (we still don’t know what that means), Shoney’s has stepped up to the plate with their own offer to help get Peyton to sign with the Titans.

The company took out an ad in today’s Tennessean offering Peyton free pancakes throughout his entire career with the Titans.

Because that would definitely make him sign with the Titans.

Shoney’s has offered the free agent quarterback and former University of Tennessee star, a free stack of pancakes to sign with the Titans every day through his career in Nashville, according to an advertisement the company placed in The Tennessean on Friday.

The advertisement is an entire page in The Tennessean sports section’s page 7C.

In white bold letters the ad reads: ‘Peyton, Sign here and Tennessee Would Really Be Stacked,’ over a stack of pancakes.

Below the stack of pancakes, the advertisement states ‘Shoney’s CEO David Davoudpour wants to sweeten the deal. Sign with our hometown team and you’ll receive FREE PANCAKES EVERY DAY throughout your career here in Nashville. Let’s Win. And Let’s Eat!’

Well alright.

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