Report: Saints were expecting a four game suspension for Sean Payton

You would be hard pressed to find anyone who REALLY thought that the NFL would suspend Saints head coach Sean Payton for the entire year.

Gregg Williams? Sure.

Johnathon Vilma? Maybe.

But no one saw this coming in regards to Payton. And that includes the New Orleans Saints organization.

According to Pro Football Talk, the Saints had a plan in place to deal with a four game suspension not a yearlong suspension. So it’s safe to say that the news caught them a little off guard.

A league source tells PFT that Payton and the Saints specifically expected a four-game suspension. Per the source, a plan already had been concocted for getting the interim head coach ready to take the reins, and Payton would have hunkered down and spent the month preparing for the games to be played later in the season.

For the Saints to be expecting a four game suspension they had to be a little naïve. It was clear as day that Goodell was obviously going to make an example out of the Saints. But we had no idea he would go to the lengths of a yearlong suspension to do so.

Goodell definitely got his point across and we’d be very surprise if we ever hear about another bounty program.

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  1. Yes punishment is deserved,but it seems that Roger has overstepped his authority. It sounds as if Roger was mad at Sean for not doing what he was told to do by Roger. I believe a third party should be the one to hand out the punishments.

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