Report: Celtics aggressively trying to trade Rajon Rondo because of “personality conflicts”

We’ve heard the whispers for a while now about the Celtics being open to trading Rajon Rondo. But suddenly the whispers have become straight up yelling. The Celtics are an older team that desperately wants to get younger and it seems counterproductive to move arguably your best player who also happens to be young.  But according ESPN’s Chris Broussard, the sudden push for the Celtics to move Rondo has nothing to with Rondo’s play on the court and everything to do with Rondo’s clashes with Doc Rivers.

“With Rajon, it’s a lot of personality conflict,” Broussard says. “He’s kind of introverted. He’s stubborn, which can be a strength but can also be a weakness. He has trouble taking constructive criticism and he does clash a lot with Doc Rivers. They know he’s a great player. They’re not going to just give him away. But they feel like they probably can’t rebuild around him because of the problems they do have with clashing with his personality.”

If there were any questions whose corner Danny Ainge is in, it should now be crystal clear. There’s just no way they would be looking to trade Rondo if Doc wanted him there. Which makes you start to think, did Doc want Kendrick Perkins gone too?

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