Ozzie Guillen: Bobby Valentine can go #*%& himself

Yes, it’s only spring training, but Ozzie Guillen is in midseason form.  And we wouldn’t expect anything less from Ozzie Guillen.

Today during the Marlins-Red Sox game, Guillen was ejected (see, midseason form) for arguing a fair/foul call. On the way to the exit, Red Sox manager Bobby Valentine waved and said “See ya”. Guillen didn’t hear or see Valentine’s remark, but when asked how he would’ve reacted, Guillen proves for a second time that he’s is indeed in midseason form.

“It was lesson time,” said Sox manager Bobby Valentine. “Ozzie was telling the first base umpire it wasn’t his call, because the ball was in front of the bag, and he didn’t want to hear that.”

As Guillen exited the field through the tunnel next to the Red Sox dugout, Valentine waved. Asked if he said anything to his Miami counterpart, Valentine recalled saying, “See ya.”

Guillen did not see or hear Valentine’s remarks, but asked how he would have reacted, Guillen made his feelings clear.
“I don’t see it. I would have told him to go and [expletive] himself, too,” said Guillen, with a laugh. “That’s the way Ozzie Guillen is.”

Don’t ever change, Ozzie. Don’t you ever change.

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