NC State fan emails The News Observer with an amusing conspiracy theory regarding Kendall Marshall’s injury

North Carolina fans sat and grimaced when Kendall Marshall took that nasty spill during their 87-73 victory against Creighton. They then breathed a sigh of relief when Marshall was able to finish the game. Those sighs of relief then quickly turned to worry once word came that Marshall fractured his wrist. And that’s where they remain.

Since then, Marshall has had surgery, but his status remains unclear. UNC is hoping for the best, but they’re prepared for the worst. But at least one North Carolina State fan thinks that those worries are unnecessary. Mainly because he thinks this whole thing is a hoax concocted by Roy Williams.

So he decided to email The New Observer’s UNC Now blog to lay out his claim and UNC Now’s blogger Andrew Carter so graciously unveiled it to the world.

SUBJECT: Marshall’s wrist injury

Mr. Carter:

Did you actually see a doctor cut the wrist??? How many times has UNC played this card during the years??? You and I know there is no doubt Marshall will play this weekend. Roy knew that NC State was in the NCAA Tournament for the first time since the Titanic sunk, and lo and behold, the Pack was in the sweet 16. Roy knew the media would be all over the Wolfpack and he was not going to let that happen. We all know it is only about the Heels. So excuse me if do not believe the story…How is Barnes ankle??? Roy cried all year about that and he was 1st team ACC. I think the league should start fining the Heels for these false reports.


Welcome back, North Carolina State fans. College basketball has missed you.

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  1. I think this article goes beyond student rivalry. If this had been one of “his – NC State” players that received this injury he would not have been so irrisponsible with his words.
    Any player that is injured should be given respect no matter if it is your team player or another team. All the players go out and risk being hurt and should be honored for their
    hard work.

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