NBA already selling Dwight Howard New Jersey Nets t-shirts

Though there is a report that Dwight Howard has informed the Orlando Magic that he will stay with the team for the rest of the season, the NBA wants to get a jump on selling Dwight Howard New Jersey Nets merchandise.

Though they’re not quite ready to start offering Nets jerseys with Howard sprawled on the back of it, they have no problem selling t-shirts.

We want to believe that the NBA is just making an educated guess here or even hoping this happens, but the product description for these t-shirts pretty much comes out and tells you that Howard will be in a Nets uniform next season.

No “ifs”. No “maybes”. This is all written like this trade is etched in stone. It even invites fans to “get ready for the next season”.

Guess you better “get ready for the next season” with Dwight Howard, Nets fans.

Via NBA Store

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