Meet Mo Isom, she’s trying out for the LSU football team today

Everyone likes to hear stories of the woman trying out for the man filled football team.  But this particular story is a little different.  Mo Isom is a former soccer player that can really kick a ball a long way (which will be evident later). Throw in the fact that she has already been working out with the team and we may actually have something here boys.

A LSU soccer player will get her chance on Tuesday to see if she has what it takes to be in the school’s acclaimed football program.
The LSU Tigers wrapped up their first weekend of spring football on Sunday.

However, things will get heated up as former LSU soccer player Mo Isom will get her big tryout.

Isom — who is six feet tall — worked out with the football team in September, practicing kickoffs and field goals. Though she is a senior, she would have one year of eligibility should she land a spot on the football roster.

This all sounds great until you remember that the head coach of the LSU football team goes by the name of Les Miles. And then you have visions of him calling a fake field goal where Isom has to run right up the gut against the likes of the Alabama Crimson Tide.

But other than that, this looks promising. Especially when she can kick a ball like this:

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