Larry Eustachy doesn’t know Fab Melo, knows Law & Order

We all remember Larry Eustachy, right? He’s the former Iowa State coach who liked to party and drink a little too much. The partying and drinking eventually got him canned and he dropped off the radar to get himself together.

Now he’s back as the leader of the Southern Miss team that has played its way into a 9 seed in the East region. The same region that Syracuse is a #1 seed in.

So it makes perfect sense that reporters asked Eustachy what the loss of Fab Melo meant to Syracuse and the region as a whole. And it also makes perfect sense that Eustachy doesn’t even know who Fab Melo is.

Well, actually it doesn’t.

Southern Mississippi coach Larry Eustachy was asked how the absence of Syracuse center Fab Melo would impact the rest of the East Region bracket.

“As idiotic as this is going to sound, and I don’t mean this in any way, shape or form, but I don’t know who he is,’’ Eustachy said. “I really don’t.’’

While Syracuse was playing two games on CBS, 12 on ESPN, two on ESPN2 and three on ESPNU, Eustachy never saw the Orange.

“I don’t watch college basketball,’’ Eustachy said. “I watch Law & Order. I love to watch the guy that catches the wild fish, goes everywhere. I love that one.’’

Welcome back, coach Eustachy. We missed you.

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