Jose Canseco won’t play in Mexican Baseball League because he’s taking testosterone

Our old reality show pitching friend Jose Canseco is back in the news. Canseco’s quest to continue to play baseball has taken him to Mexico to play for the Quintana Roo Tigers in the Mexican Baseball League. But as you can tell from Canseco’s tweet above, things aren’t working out to well for Mexico.

According to ESPN Deportes, Canseco has admitted that he’s taking testosterone, obviously, and he will not be playing baseball in the Mexican league this season.

Mexican Baseball League officials say Jose Canseco has acknowledged that he took a banned substance for which he has no prescription and will not play as expected in the league.

Plinio Escalante, president of the Mexican League, confirmed to ESPN Deportes that the banned substance is testosterone.

A source told ESPN Deportes that Canseco refused to take a doping test.

C’mon on guys, the man has a condition!

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