If you ask Heath Bell, he’s “totally Kenny Powers”

Full Disclosure: We don’t watch Eastbound & Down and we’ve never seen this Kenny Powers character that everyone talks about in action. He seems like an enjoyable character, but we just haven’t gotten into it.

But enough of that. Let’s get to Marlins’ pitcher Heath Bell’s affinity for Kenny Powers. An affinity so strong that he actually thinks he’s Kenny Powers. And if it weren’t for his wife, he would so grow a mullet just like Kenny’s.

Women. Always ruining the fun.

“Dude, I’m totally Kenny Powers,” Bell says. “I’m like his long, lost brother. If my wife would let me grow the mullet, I’d be so in there.”

The Marlins’ personal-grooming policy would likely preclude such a fashion statement, but that’s OK. Bell has the same goatee actor Danny McBride sports in the series – and a good bit of the humorous swagger, too.

In fact, it didn’t take long after the show debuted in February 2009 for Bell’s Padres teammates to notice the striking resemblance.

“It was fairly obvious from the get-go,” says new Marlins lefty Wade LeBlanc, another ex-Padre. “Oh, yeah. Absolutely. Obviously, not as much profanity.”

Don’t worry. Bell won’t be spicing his postgame interviews with off-color insults. He’s too smart for that.

“I don’t think Jeffrey (Loria) wants me to throw the finger up there and tell everybody, ’You’re welcome!’ ” Bell says of the Marlins owner.

“I just want to be on the show,” Bell says. “I want to be on the fourth season of ’Kenny Powers.’ I think it would be awesome. We need to make this happen. I’m really hoping.”

We’re really hoping too, Heath. We won’t watch, but we’re still hoping you get your wish.

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  1. shoechewer says:

    What a joke… if he were even close to being KP he would grow a mullet and piss on what his wife thinks.

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